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"Where are they now?"

All of 12 the first time the Chronicle caught up with her, Fabi Reyna, now 17, first appeared in the Natural Ear Music School band Spontaneous Combustion and later fronted the Flames with Ariel Abshire under Alvin Crow's direction. At 15, she attended her first Girls Rock Camp in Portland, Ore.; today, she's a guitar instructor and band coach at Girls Rock Camp Austin. All that music training and experience has served her well as she currently performs with Code Rainbow! and the Silver Series and actively pursues performing solo and with a flute-cello combination. A senior majoring in guitar at McCallum Fine Arts Academy, Reyna balances music, sports, and volunteering for the Yellow Bike Project. "I do my homework, and I do my sports, and in between, I pick up my guitar," she laughs. "I'm always writing music." - The Chronicle-Margaret Moser


"Since I can't say it to your face" and "landing" frequent airplay on KVRX



It all started when I was 9 years old. 2000 was the year that I moved to austin tx and also the beginning of my musical adventure. I began with the bass guitar and soon moved on to the drums. The drums felt nice but not nice enough. I played drums in a couple of cover bands when I was 9 and 10, covering the basic classic rock songs. When I was about 10 one of my drum teachers suggested I picked up a guitar just for fun, and it wasn't too long until I realized this was the instrument that I was meant to play. So I got some lessons from my good friend Will Knaack and started a band called "The Flames" with my friend Ariel Abshire. We got recognized quickly and had a good number of articles written about us in the Chronicle, Played at places like The Broken Spoke where I would play with Austing legends such as Jhonny X, Alvin Crow, Charlie Sexton, and more. As fun as that was, by the age of 13 I couldn't bare to listen or play much more classic rock. At 13 I attended The Girls Rock Camp in Portland OR where we were forced to form a band and create one original song in 5 days. This is when I realized that making music is actually something I can do and am pretty good at. So afterwards I went on to write my first "Fabi" song called " track 1" (which is available to listen to on this website) and have ever since been writing music. A year after my discovery I began learning classical guitar and by my 4th year was first chair in an ensemble that was a 3 time champion at one of the biggest ensemble competitions in the country. Classical music has then influenced my way of writing an extraordinary amount, which you can tell by the dynamics that I use, finger-picking technique, and well, my guitar. so after I had a good amount of songs in my bag I, of course, made a myspace where I was able to reach out to a lot of people around the world and was even able to do a mini west coast tour the summer of 2009. I passed by L.A., San Francisco, Portland OR, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. The Vancouver, Canada show was by far my favorite show. A fan that knew me through myspace was setting up a music festival up in the Kootenay Mountains so he e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to come out to canada and play with Paleo, Nick Caceres and A Hawk and a Hacksaw. So not only was my flight and hotels and food paid for but all of the bands plus the audience (about 75 people) had to do a 4 hour hike up the mountain to this beautiful crystal clear lake that was surrounded by glaciers and trees and mountains, where we set up and had our show at. Through myspace i've also met people that have radio played my music in france, New York, Portland OR, and Austin TX. I've been in many bands here in austin, so many i can't even remember all of them and have also collaborated with people that live on the other corner of the country. "Landing" (which you can also listen to on this website) was a kind o postal service type project between me and Talk To animals, a band from Baltimore where we just sent each other tracks and add and subtract until it sounded good. If there is one thing that sets me apart it's that yes I am skilled, I've been trained, I know what sounds good together and what doesn't and so playing with other people comes easy to me, but when it comes to the simplicity of creating something new I can turn the guitar wiz off and just listen to how pretty the sounds are when you don't know anything about them at all.