Fabled Automatic

Fabled Automatic

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

Fabled Automatic is melody created from the richest aspects of pop, rock, and R&B, to give you the hippest sounds you've never heard.


"A sound of any kind is music to someone." Sure, but let’s be honest. It’s the hook that creates the song that we can’t let go of.

Formed in early 2004 under the name “M-Unit,” their debut fell nothing short of solid. Show after show, fans left with something that they hadn’t necessarily planned on taking home with them…a hook. In a world where melody is slowly being covered by a blanket of musical carbon copies, it was thrilling to see people’s reactions when a catchy tune was thrown their way. With their powerful vocals, and sharp musicianship M-Unit was making waves, but the consensus was this: the music can stay, but the name simply must go.

Fabled Automatic. What do they sound like? They sound honest. They sound like they’re writing music that they like to listen to. They sound like they love what they do, and if it makes someone else feel good in the process, then they have succeeded. They’ve been compared to The Police, Prince, U2, Joe Jackson, Live, etc. but they aren’t looking to recreate the past. They’re looking to highlight some of the richest aspects of their many influences to help produce the music they love to perform.


"Bridge" EP 2006

Set List


Come and Go
U Owe Me
Hold On
Glass of Wine
Bury Me
Love is Lackin
No Time To Waste
Part Of Me
Golden Goose
Birds and Bees
Black Stew
Eyes Closed
Dirty Fingers
Voices Calling
Mind Over Matter
Traffic Jam
Bottle It Up

We play a smattering of revamped cover tunes:

Little Red Corvette (prince)
Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix)
Next To You (the police)
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (paul simon)
Can't Always Get What You Want (the rolling stones)
Strange (rem)
Purple Rain (prince)
One More Time (joe jackson)