San Diego, California, USA

Roots Rock at it's finest by San Diego's most handsome band. 5 consecutive European tours and counting...
The Fab Lushes =
American Roots Party Rock


Across the globe, the Fab Lushes have enjoyed radio play, movie soundtrack and commercial placements and of course, great live shows. But their story has a beginning...

As legend has it, The Fab Lushes fell in with each other one day in 1958 (or '98?) when they were tethered together on the same chain gang in Louisiana. To ease the pain of their homesickness, the Lushes would sing their favorite blues, rockabilly and swing tunes to each other…or was it Devo, Violent Fems and ACDC? They even made up a few of their own. Being without actual instruments, the boys would hum the various bass, guitar, piano and drum parts. It was irritating.
Fast forward to San Diego, 2008… The Lushes, having been recently released from their long period of incarceration, acquire second hand instruments at a local pawnshop. They entered the studio with a single intention: to record the songs they sang for each other's amusement all those long years on the chain gang. Only this time with instruments…and no humming, which if you remember, was irritating.
The Lushes attacked each cut with a ferocious vigor. Eschewing such modern conveniences as overdubs and second takes, the Lushes recorded the songs on this long playing record in just two sessions, stopping only for beer, beach horseshoes, beer, the occasional pizza…. but mostly beer.
Here they are in all their unadorned glory. The Fab Lushes. Curiously linked together like tonic and gin. Single take specialists. Lovers of hats. The most handsome band in the Universe.


The Fab Lushes: Introducing The Fab Lushes
Beer Beer Beer
"We Won't Sleep When We're Dead" ... out summer 2013!

Set List

ROOTS ROCK, Blues, Surf, Funk, Zydeco, Ska, Country, Irish, Swing, PARTY