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STOP! If you want to listen to gun toting, drug smuggling, bitch slapping rap music, please move on to the next group. Fab Nickel has recaptured the essence of hip hop with slick, comedic and informative tales.The production is filled with the boom bap, bass heavy,hard snare hitting beats.


Friends since childhood and making music since ‘98, Fab Nickel is the tight knit family consisting of five members Blezzed, B.Cliff (both Brothers and MC’s), Matter ov Fact, G.Grhymey (Brothers and MC’s as well) and E Pillz (MC/ Producer and doesn’t have a brother in the group..lol). Growing up in Orange County (845), New York, the rap scene has never been given the credit it deserved. When you mention exit 16 off the thruway, most people think of the Woodbury Commons Shopping outlets, not hip hop. Yet, there is a large hip hop scene brewing.

See, growing up as a drug kingpin on the mean streets is not easy, especially when your busting caps in everyone. That's why the Nickel has gone another route. Making synthesized beats with the generic hand clap and 808 along with the usual poppy chorus is what they have decided NOT to do either. Actually, when your favorite MC’s are Big L, AZ, NaS, Rakim, etc. it’s kind of hard to fall into the trap of making complete bullshit records. So in turn, Fab Nickel has recaptured the essence with slick, comedic and informative tales laid over E Pillz produced boom bap, bass heavy, hard snare hitting beats!!!! If you claim to bust your gun (and you really don’t as most of these “Game Spitters” and “Hustlers” or shitty excuses for rappers say they do) then you look completely idiotic because you’re trying to portray yourself as a killer...when you’re not. Now, if your talking about outlandish shit that is so far fetched it’s obvious its not true (as Big L did R.I.P. or we do) then its all in good fun and most importantly hip hop.

Fab Nickel doesn’t really have an image because “They say” only backpack music has concepts these days, but why does the Nickel have such a good sense of style? Backpackers don’t dress “fresh” do they? So how can you box Fab Nickel? It’s kind of hard to. The bottom line is they just have a love and passion for making music and if they can get signed and make money from it then fine, but the love is there and that’s all that matters. We have nothing but love for Hip Hop and just want to make the music we want to make. We’re not a movement, we’re not “hustlers”, we’re not “GANSTAAZ” (lol)!!!! We’re just us....five guys with the hunger to be heard and bring to the table something else besides the force-fed, music of today.

The Group consists of 5 talented members: G Grhymey, Blezzed, B Cliff, Matter Ov Fact & E Pillz. 1998 in Orange County, NY it all began for Fab Nickel. The members struggled to grab any instrumentals they could to lay down their lyrics as they realized they had true talent .

After years of low quality songs and weak beats, Producer/MC E Pillz (who currently works under the guidance of Harlem's own legendary producer Darrell "Digga" Branch who worked with 50, Jay-Z, Cam'ron, etc.) decided to get serious with the production aspect. After mastering his craft, the group began recording day and night. The hard work paid off and now this team is ready to prove to the world their talent.

Infectious beats with Deep, Descriptive and sometimes comedic rhymes provide the perfect combo to this group. They are not some gimmick with the bullshit lyrics of today's rap. They spit about whats going on around them and might take a lyrical stab at your wack ass gear (for all those who still rock Southpole and such..step your game up!) The buzz is already intense and the name is circulating throughout the tri-state area so stay tuned because Fab Nickel is destined for Greatness!


(2006) Earn Your Respect-Debut Album
(2006) Mark Our Words- Album
(2007) The No Budget Warm Up-EP
(2007) How To R.O.B-Upcoming Release
(2007) Hiphopgame.com Disciples Part XX

Fab Nickel is also featured on many internet radio stations and distribution sites. Online sales will be available via CDBABY.com, CD Universe, Amazon.com, iTunes, the Orchard, Rhapsody/Real Music, Napster, Myspace/SNOCAP, Tower Records, and many others.

Set List

Been Great Since 98
We Got It
On Wax
I Can Feel It