Fabrika Baricani

Fabrika Baricani

 Bucharest, Bucureşti, ROU

We are a big family and most of us are musicians: grandfather and grandmother, their children, their grandchildren, parents, uncles, aunts and my cousins. We are all lautari, it means gypsy musicians in Romanian. Our family was and is considered pretty much the best at playing gypsy music.




My name is Madalin, I am seventeen years old and this is the story of my family.

l know from my grandfather that we are gypsy musicians from the city of Ploiesti, an industrial city in Romania.

We are a big family and most of us are musicians: my grandfather and my grandmother, their sons and daughters, their grandchildren, my parents, uncles, aunts and my cousins.

We are all “lautari”, it means gypsy musicians in Romanian.

My family used to sing at every occasion they would get, in order to make a living: weddings, funerals, children’s baptism, anniversaries, etc.

I started playing along with them by the age of ten.

My parents told me that during the time of Ceasescu’s ruling in Romania, everybody had to have a regular job otherwise they would be emprisoned.
This is how a big part of my family started working at the Factory (Fabrika) of the city. They called the Factory the BIG FABRIKA, which in gypsy language means FABRIKA BARICANI.

My relatives weren’t qualified to work in a factory, so, it was during those days that my family started the factory’s orchestra, in order to play at the Romanian National Days and for Ceausescu’s anniversaries. The band was called, naturally, ORCHESTRA FABRIKA BARICANI.

After the Revolution came in 1989 and the fall of communism, my family stopped working at the factory, but continued to play under the name ORCHESTRA FABRIKA BARICANI.

All this time my family was considered pretty much the best, at playing the old traditional gypsy music.

Last year, 2008, we were playing in Romania at a summer festival and a foreigner came to congratulate us and since I was the only one who could actually speak some English, I talked to him. This man told me that our band should go to WOMEX.

I know a little bit how to use the internet and I started to look about WOMEX and what it meant.

So, after talking to my family, we decided to propose a showcase and attend WOMEX 2009.

This is our story, but you could call it a biography, too.



Set List

We play about 12 songs, all to be found on our LP.
the songs are:
Inel, inel de aur
Zi una mai saltareata
Mosule te-as intreba
La Ciolpani
Un tigan avea o casa
La carciuma
Mar domnesc
De esti suparata
Hora lui Hopa Mitica
Mamaliga branzalie