Fabrizio Cammarata

Fabrizio Cammarata


Fabrizio Cammarata is a singer-songwriter from Palermo, Sicily. The sound is a mixture that draws from Caribbean, American, Mediterranean, African and English songwriting traditions. Acclaimed album "Rooms" out - produced by JD Foster (Calexico, Marc Ribot,...) and featuring Joey Burns from Calexico.


Fabrizio Cammarata is a singer-songwriter, hailing from Palermo, Sicily.
Fabrizio's main inspiration is his hometown, but there is Cuba and North Africa in his songs, along with Bob Dylan, Fabrizio De André and Nick Drake. You can hear the echo of Miriam Makeba's South African lullabies, and songs in which a Cuban trés is unexpectedly in harmony with Indian tabla and rhythmic percussions, electric bass and guitar.
The second album "Rooms" and its first single "Alone and Alive" is released in EU through the German Panmondial/GrooveAttack, in Poland through MyMusic and in Italy through ViaAudio/Venus . The Album was recorded and mixed between Sicily, NYC, Portland OR and Tucson. It was produced by JD Foster (Calexico, Marc Ribot, Richmond Fontaine, Capossela) and features, among a bunch of fantastic Italian musicians, collaborations by Joey Burns from Calexico and Jairo Zavala (Calexico, Depedro, Amparanoia), mastered in Cologne, Germany by H.Jaeckl.
The new album is very well received around Europe including his home country Italy, where Fabrizio Cammarata is a prominent part of the independent musical panorama. Top reviews and interviews, major airplay and features, as well as great shows build on what was funded by the first award-winning album "The Second Grace", whose single "Antananarive" had MTV- and National Public Radio heavy rotation.
The videos of "Alone and Alive" and "Antananarive" are both directed by the Sergi Capellas (RCR Films, Barcelona). Over the last few years, Fabrizio played numerous shows, over 40 in the first half of 2012 only, in Europe, US, Canada, Mexico (like SXSW, LiverpoolSoundCity, MaMA, c/o pop, CMW, Glimps, Eurosonic) and of course Italy, affecting in solo shows and band line-ups. He also opened for the likes of Devendra Banhart, Iron & Wine, Gang of Four, My Brightest Diamond, The Devastations, Depedro, Carmen Consoli, Ely Guerra as well as before and with Daniel Johnston – experiences that prove a succeeded conversion of the album's intensity and interesting tone colour on stage.

"'Rooms', indeed opens spaces, is almost worldmusic and grows while listening. A recommendation!" Take 5 - MDR Figaro, public radio (D)

“extraordinary songs of a heartwarming beauty”... “This is world music in the true, best sense [...] with arrangements, in which consistently a sympathetic love to the detail can be felt” Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (D) on “Rooms” (Jan 12)

"exotic flair... a really nice surprise" Gaesteliste.de (D)

“first class popsongs” Reeperbahnfestival.com/blog (D)

"...international topclass. ... a terrific album" Titel Magazin (D)

"beatified the Italians that appear and grow around the world. If there are good guitars, warm sound and Californian songs in that world, even better. beatified Fabrizio Cammarata..." L'internazionale (I)

"a fantastic album, of composition quality, interpretative gift and extraordinary good taste... ten very beautiful episodes” Federico Guglielmi, Il Mucchio (I) about “Rooms”

"The young man has a powerful and very expressive voice, his songs are musical diamonds full of melody, meaning and emotion".
Shakenstir.co.uk (UK)

"charming ballads (...) His voice, sometimes pleading (...) sometimes soothing (...), fits perfectly with the lush arrangements and rhythms that draw their inspiration from the four corners of the world". La Libre.be (BE)

" certainly the most un-Italian singer-songwriter... ‘Alone & Alive’ en ‘All I Know’ need time to convince the listener, but once you reach that point they won’t ever let you go". Zizo Magazine (BE)

“A beautiful and compelling worldmusic record”
Caleidoscoop, muziek der verbeelding (NL)

"Rooms is like a pure chocolate bar you cannot get enough of"
Koen Nederhof - Festivalinfo.nl (NL)

“Wonderful stories... beautiful production...after a while you discover that the Italian is quite different than his non-Mediterranean genre– colleagues”. De krenten uit de Pop-Blog / Velvet Music (NL)


"Rooms" 2011/2012, Released in EU by Panmondial/Grooveattack, in Italy by ViaAudio Records/Venus

"Alone and Alive" 10/2011 iTunes exclusive Single feat. VideoClip (Panmondial)

"Fabrizio Cammarata & The Second Grace" 06/2011 EP iTunes (Panmondial)

“Live at Chocolate Church, Bath, US” 06/2008 EP iTunes (Edel)

“The Second Grace” 05/2007, LP - Released in Italy by Edel

Set List

Lineup changes such as setlist, depending on each situation. A fascinating solo set up to a experimental and hypnotizing full band, anything is possible, gathering around the remarkable voice and guitar of Fabrizio Cammarata.