The Fabulous Ginn Sisters

The Fabulous Ginn Sisters

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Fabulous Ginn Sisters are a full time touring band, all over North America, singing original Americana music, also singing backup for Fred Eaglesmith. Great singing, stunning sister harmonies, smart and melodic writing, savvy
performance. Great for festivals, music clubs, listening rooms.


“Lipstick noir doesn’t come any more tingly than titular lead-off, ‘You Should’ve Known’, a midnight motorcycle ride of lust and regret,” says Raul Hernandez of the Austin Chronicle. Media acclaim continues to build for the recently released album by The Fabulous Ginn Sisters, You Can’t Take A Bad Girl Home. Produced by acclaimed singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith, the disc was recently affirmed as fabulous by the Philadelphia Daily News for how the duo “live up to their billing with sultry, sometimes-harmonizing takes on Texas-toned Americana (country, voodoo blues, twangy waltzes and honky-tonk).”

The album has spent 6 weeks in the top 40 on the Americana Music Chart as well as becoming a favorite of critics and music lovers. Margaret Moser of the Austin Chronicle includes it in her top 5 releases of 2010.
The San Antonio Express-News notes how “Austin's Fabulous Ginn Sisters — Tiffani and Brit Ginn — sound woozy, boozy and road-tempered on this confessional outing,” praising the album’s “spooky garage-rock vibe.” The sisters earn favorable comparisons like how “’Baton Rouge’ is a rumbling blues favored these days by Bob Dylan. But just when the harmonizing sisters (born in Schulenburg) sound maybe a little too threateningly forlorn, they knock off a sweet Leigh Nash-worthy ditty such as ‘Share Our Secrets.’ The specter of Lucinda Williams hangs over some of the lazily drawled tracks, such as ‘Dreams’ and ‘Fireworks.’ And on “Redheaded Rosie,’ the album’s instantly likable final track, the Fabulous Ginn Sisters effortlessly conjure the honky-tonk vibe and relaxed swagger of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Sweet Virginia.’”
3rd Coast Music praises the Ginns’ “constantly evolving strengths” on their new album like “marvelous sibling harmonies” and “Tiffani’s extraordinary, idiosyncratic songwriting” that has “an offbeat approach to modern romance on her 10 originals [that] provides depths and insights. She can write a great hook…. Tiffani Ginn doesn’t present herself as a singer-songwriter, but she’s a better singer and songwriter than most of the countless people who do.” Earning Tif a spot in John Conquests’ top 3 writers of 2010.
“The Ginn sisters are coming to town, so mothers hide your sons!” warns Deep Roots Music Blog. “These gals will steal their hearts and leave everyone wanting more.” Charlotte Creative Loafing notes how the “duo gathers up some ‘50s country-rock style with attitude.” The recent raves follow the declaration by Exclaim! that “You Can't Take A Bad Girl Home [leaves] the distinct impression that the Ginn Sisters are destined for great things” thanks to an album that “is bursting at the seams with raw emotion.”
The Ginns have been winning new fans crossing North America with Eaglesmith for the last year and a half, singing in his band and opening his shows with their own sets, and appearing with him on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and his most recent release, Cha Cha Cha. Raised on music in Schulenburg, TX playing in a family band, the sisters made their mark in 2006 when their previous CD Blood Oranges was the year’s #1 independently released CD on the Americana chart. Having notched out a place for themselves with their head-spinning harmonies, they continue to surprise and entertain audiences with their energetic live shows.


You Can't Take A Bad Girl Home, 2010(Lonesome Day Records)
Blood Oranges, LP, 2006
Generally Happy, LP, 2003

Set List

The Ginn Sisters play mostly original material that ranges from slow ballads to rock. They do a few cover songs, about 2 per set, that suit them and they make them their own. For a point of reference, some of the covers they do include: Rodeo Song (Ian Tyson), Just Dropped In (Micky Newbury), So Far Away (Dire Straits), Lodi (CCR)...