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Fabulous Saturdays (or FabSats) is a collaboration of 6 musicians from different backgrounds in Hip Hop from east coast to west who have created an intoxicating blend of Old School Hip Hop soul and modern sound and sensibility. Basically, FabSats feels good!


Fabulous Saturdays began in 2004 when Bay Area artists, Cutty Dre, Jimmy Fontaine and Doc Vaporz (Cutty Route Productions) moved their operations to Portland Oregon. It was their that they were introduced to a local group called, "Theurgy" which consisted of brothers Madd Hadda and V!RTU. The two groups found their sounds, although very different, to be perfectly compatible as both groups were rebelling against the mutilation of the true soul of Hip Hop by mainstream powers and had grown quite tired of hearing the same old violent and degrading rap music played on the radio.
It was a theory formed by the group that it was not the rappers who sold the platinum records but the producers. This theory led to the formation of Fabulous Saturdays. If four "true" MC'z could be heard on High-quality radio friendly beats, then perhaps the mass audience could be made aware of the true beauty of Hip Hop and the doors would open once again for true artists to make their mark and all the so-called rappers who insult the intelligence of the average listener with stereotypes, racial/sexual degradation and lazy simplicity would now have to try a little harder and do right by the public who pays them so well to entertain. This theory would not be a difficult one to put to the test, not with a producer like Cutty Dre.
Cutty Dre, it could be said, became the backbone of the group. His production skills and musical intuition would be the foundation from which this new brand of music would be built. Dre provided the clean, high-quality mainstream sound that the group needed to stand out amongst the amateurs and professionals.
In mid-2005 a sixth member was added to the roster, but in a sense he had been there unofficially all along. Anderson Ray (of the Oakland-based "V.E.R.A. Clique") was actually the individual most responsible for the formation of FabSats. It was he who introduced the two groups and recognized the potential to build together on what the individuals had thus far accomplished. After performing a few collaborative songs with FabSats at a summer show at Berbati's Pan (Portland, OR) it was decided that although he would still be based in Oakland, he was officially a member and for the first time, the now 6 man deep collective went to work and in 2006 released their internationally celebrated debut album, "Fabulous Saturdays: Who is Mark Thumpton?"


Fabulous Saturdays has released two CDs for public consumtion.

The first was the 2005 underground "Mixtape" entitled "Fabulous Saturdays: The Audio Flyer" which is a compilation of work by the group and individuals from the group put together in an effort to raise awareness of the FabSats and their upcoming debut. This CD also featured guest appearances by artists such as B.K. and Oddisee.
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The first professional product, "Fabulous Saturdays: Who is Mark Thumpton" was released in 2006. This product is the embodiment of the FabSats philosophy. It is 23 tracks long and every track is as high-powered and professional as the last. The group refused to cut any corners in the production of their debut album and their efforts were not in vain. It is rare today to come across an album that you'll want to listen to from the first second of the first track all the way to the last. "Who is Mark Thumpton?" is one of those albums!
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Set List

A Fabulous Saturdays set is typically between 15 and 20 minutes long, though in some cases they have been known to perform for upwards of 45 mins depending on the demand. The groups most popular songs that are most commonly performed would be as follows.

1. The southern backyard barbecue inspired, "Jook Joint"
2. "Paint the Town" a smooth, yet danceable dedication to classy ladies
3. The bouncy homage to old school Hip Hop, breakdancing and everthing else that's fun, "Cliche"