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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Underground Alliance Magazine"

"The headliner was "face". I dug the fact that they had stage props, including flashing white skulls and a lighted sign with their logo behind the drummer. Their music can only be described as intense, both musically and visually. They really got into the vibe and left the crowd wanting more." - Stiffy


Of the song "rage"... "I loved it. The vocals were excellent. The trembling shriek is great and the back up vox complete it. The song kicked ass all the way to Nantucket. The lead guitar made me want to jump up and kick my brothers face in."
- Cheese Boot- Belding, Michigan

""face" Press Release"

New Orleans Local Band “face” Releases Debut Album

After five years of writing and collaborating, New Orleans locals’, “face”, complete their debut album. Released in January of 2003, their self-produced album, entitled “piece of nothing”, overwhelmed music fans throughout South Louisiana. The album was recorded in the fall of 2002 at Socket Studios in Baton Rouge, LA. It near successfully captures the absolute intensity of a live “face” performance, and pinnacles with a raw emotion that is so often forgotten in today’s music. From the encompassing low-ends pouring out of the bass guitar to the melodic chains of vocal aggression, this album contains an excellent compillation of metal music that will certainly survive the test of time. The intricate layers of creative strata can easily be heard in each blaring guitar riff and each distinct rhythm track. The time and effort that was put into this creation has definitely paid off, giving “face” a proud feeling of achievement.

For years now, “face” has been commanding the crowds in around the New Orleans area. When you experience the depth of the music that this band brings forth, you’ll know that this band is a synchronized orchestra of six soul mates. The personalities and creative styles of each individual musician are witnessed in the uniqueness of every last verse and chorus. Their performance is nothing less than amazing. “face” holds nothing back when it comes to their onstage intensity and stage presence. “face” feeds the never-ending southern hunger for hardcore metal. They push and prod the boundaries of their listeners in an effort to promote their own distinctive metal genius. From music fans in general, to metal fans, to face’s devoted following, it’s assured that face’s sound will wet & satisfy your appetite for good music.

What started out as a garage band, has evolved into a six-piece collection of scintillating talent. All of the ingredients of a seasoned music machine are present. In the beginning there were four: Eddie Simon on lead vocals, Chris Guzzardi on drums, Mike Simon on guitars, and Chris West on bass guitar. In 2001 “face” added Chris Glover on rhythm guitar allowing Mike to concentrate strictly on lead guitar and on writing. They later added Carl Ohlsson as a synth/keyboard and percussionist. The changes and additions made to the band have led to its true maturity in the production of this extremely well recorded album. Growing up together as teens in the heart of South Louisiana, these kids have taken their skills from the practice room to the crowds. From the moment they take the stage until the very last chair is folded away, face’s energy and enthusiasm will shine through. The band promises to continue writing, performing, and reaching out with their music to every rock and roll fan that simply takes the time to stop and listen.

Ashley Fallon
379 Oak Tree Drive,
LaPlace, LA 70068
Phone: 504-416-8964
- Ashley Fallon


face demo tape- 1998, "piece of nothing" L.P. 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born out of the New Orleans underground in 1997, "face" is a six member, metal orchestra that have withstood the local test of time, and and have begun to spread their song in every direction. Attempting to take metal in a new direction, associating musical mechanics of past years, while injecting their own personal twist of painful emotion, they use the popularity of todays "Nu Metal", as a mere stepping stone for something greater, something meaningful...something timeless. In other words, its metal you can actually understand...you'll love to hate us.