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On the Facebook

Written By: Hewitt Jones & Foggitt

When I'm bored and lonely
And I need someone to love me
You know I've found a new way
Of making some special friends.

I'm trying to write an essay
But academics just distress me
I've found a new distraction
And one that will never end.

I've never seen a sitel like this before
Out of all my years online
I've never been as behind as this before
Because I'm spending so much time on the

Poke me night or day on the
Whether you're straight or gay on the Facebook
Looking for random play on the Facebook
A new friend every day
For you and me on the Facebook.

It's no crazy fantasy
However much time you spend
How can you really know someone
Until their your e-friend?

I'd use it at home but I've been banned on the
I've got a friend in Kasakhstan on the Facebook
The friendly monster's my friend too -

You and me
You and me
On the Facebook.