We have a headstrong outlook on determination, to cherish what we have achieved and accomplish what is still out of reach. We like to have fun when we're on stage but stay focused on whats important: the music, the message, and the fans. Driven by abrasive riffs and uplifting lyrics, we are FACECAST


Our music is hard-hitting, fresh, and new. Our influences range from the 80's era of Slayer and Metallica to today's top acts such as Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and Hell Yeah. We have taken the Gothenburg effect and set our own southern-flavored twist. We like to keep our music fun yet serious. We don't ramble about our political perspective or religious concepts. Our goal is to influence people for the better, through uplifting lyrics and aggressive riffs. We are the New Vent for a generation set apart...

FaceCast began in the summer of 2004 with a completely different sound and line up. Our first demo sold more than 150 copies in its first year(released in may 2005). 2005 would mark the last year with the original line up. In February of 2006 we came back with a more brutal approach with blazing drum hooks and more aggressive vocals. Again the line up would see some more changes before the year was over, but the name was well known. March of 2007 would mark the line up as you hear it today.In your face with a more original sound and very unique! We are playing the music we wanna hear rather than playing the music we listen to in the sense that we are not following suit to the sounds of all the other unsigned bands. We wanted to bring something fresh to the hardcore metal scene... something different . We also want EVERYONE to know WE support the local bands around us and love the sounds they bring to the table as well! Even though we choose a different approach, does not mean that we do not adhere to the sounds around us. We are 4 dudes doing what we can to keep our name alive... We have had a lot of hard hits and low blows but... We are HERE to STAY...
We will withstand the wrath and shun the scorn until our oath is heard and taken to the extreme.


"We Won't Let You Leave" - Unsigned Self-produced Demo. 2005
"MetalPress.tv presents FaceCasT LIVE. 2007 (Live DVD filmed in three seperate venues) - AVAILABLE NOW

Set List

Our typical set list is made up of original material ranging between 8 - 10 songs, usually 9. The order of songs is constantly shifting, but the songs we have been attacking our audience with in the past year are as follows: "Push Me", "The Hated One '07", "D.O.R.", "Holding Back", "An Oath Of Perseverance", "From This Heart", "Driven", "Once And For All", "My Final Breath", 'Only A Sinner", and "First Anthology".