Seattle's female fronted groove-rock sensation. Catchy rock songs with plenty of groove, vibe and shameless hooks. High caliber performers, all veterans of the Seattle music scene. We are the real deal. Hit our website for more details, music and photos. www.myspace.com/facelessinyourface


Faceless is 100% American-made groove rock. Guitar fueled songs that are relatively straight-forward but completely infectious. The focal point of the band is singer Alisa Rose. Charismatic, soulful, blatant, emotional, insatiable –pick an adjective, she covers the whole spectrum. The rhythm backbone of the band is drummer Tate Erickson, a seasoned veteran of the Seattle music scene and regarded by many as one of the most versatile and fluent drummers in the city. Bass player Tim Lang has been in several high-profile local bands throughout the years, including Genuine Article with our own Tate Erickson. Spot handles the guitar duties with swagger and irreverence that adds color to certain songs while leaving others as dark and brooding as his black hollow soul. Faceless was a regular staple in the local club scene in the early 2000’s playing virtually every stage in Seattle and maintained a large national following via Internet radio. They won crowds over the old fashioned way; with good music and powerful live performances. Alisa’s stage presence commanded the attention of everyone in the room from the ballads to the grinders. Enjoy!


Eight Hangers 2003, Reign (EP) 2008.

The songs Reign and Fire In The Wind have been played often lately for KISW's Loud And Local prgram.

Set List

We have enough material to play all original music for an hour and a half though we typically like to keep the energy up and run the songs together for a nice compact 50-minute set. We know a few covers but only use them for specific events. Currently we are playing an 11-song set with absolutely no filler. All the songs are strong and stand on their own. We usually mix in two ballads to slow things down, the rest is all funk, groove and rock.