Starting out as the musical equivalent of a mouthful of Prosac, with indie-tinged guitars and lyrics bordering on the childish, F.A.C.E. has evolved into something far more tangible and ultimately more powerful.
Part ambient, part dance floor, the sound flows naturally from the eclectic mix of music that has influenced and soundtracked the respective careers of F.A.C.E`s three members.

Part of the key to F.A.C.E`s unique sound lies in the vastly different and diverse musical backgrounds of its members.

Frontman Per Fox, also known as the singer for prog-pop band 22, is a classically trained pianist with an angelic voice, restless musical mind and iconic charisma.
Backing vocalist,keyboardist and drummer Paulo Velasquez, also known as the drummer for world touring hardcore-punk band Turdus Musicus, is a hard working crossover musician with a highly developed taste for the darker sides of life.
Producer & co-writer Øivind sjøvoll, a seasoned dj and veteran within the electronica underground, also known as the mastermind of the project Kohib, numerous remixes and club concepts, gathers the loose ends while acting as the natural anchor.

The band was founded in the capital of Norway, Oslo, but now operates out of their native Tromsø in the far north, where fellow northerners Röyksopp, Bjørn Torske, Biosphere and Frost have honed their craft.

The highly anticipated F.A.C.E. Debut album "Triplets" was released May 30th this year, and showcases a band brimming with ambition and know-how with one foot in the mainstream, the other in the underground.The first two singles "yes you do" and "components" have been extremely well recieved and have spawned a string of remixes, covers and several appearences in extremesports movies alongside acts such as the knife and deftones.
With truly heartfelt lyrics that echo the decadence of sweaty dancefloors, spilt champagne and one-night stands, they have mesmerized audiences all over Norway and attracted the attention of worldwide underground dj & electronica communities.

Norways foremost promoter of all things electronic , dj Friendly, already has them on high rotation and is quoted as saying that every song on the album will be featured on his legendary radio-show.
F.A.C.E. has since their first live show become a celebrated live-act and with a diversity of musical backgrounds & skills they have a wide range of weapons in their arsenal. Utilizing both digital and acoustic instruments, an inspired, eerie/dynamic lighting and Per Fox`s natural and extraterrestial presence, they make for an engaging spectacle.


F.A.C.E. - Components (Single)
F.A.C.E. - Yes You Do (Single)
F.A.C.E. - Triplets (Album release May 30th)