Face of God

Face of God


Face of God which has made it big in Finland by getting their songs into a movie, getting good radio play and opening for a multimillion selling artist HIM. In 2013, the band will be touring U.K. and Germany in addition to releasing their first album Dead Ballads and Forgotten Love Songs.


Face of God is a rock trio from Helsinki, Finland, formed in 2010.

At the end of 2010, the band had their first recordings done in the legendary Seawolf studio in Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

After releasing some songs, the band has been gigging industriously and gaining a reputation as a tight, distinctive and explosively energetic live band. Face of God's first EP, FIRE, has received good feedback and has also been played on the national radio.

Face of God plays very melodic, striking rock without trying to hide the influences from different music genres. FOG is not afraid to break the limits when it comes to their compositions and performances.

In less than two years, FOG has played over 130 gigs. The trio is currently heading to the studio to work on their first album, which is going to be a double album. The acoustic side will be called Illogical Psychology and the other side of the album Dead Ballads and Forgotten Love Songs.

In addition to their first album, there are a lot of things happening around the band at the moment. One of Face of God's songs, Elephant, is playing on the soundtrack of a finnish movie called 3 Simoa.

28.12.2012 Face of God performed at the legendary Helldone festival at club Tavastia in Helsinki, as an opening act for HIM.


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