Faces For Radio

Faces For Radio


FFR features four veteran musicians From Madison, WI. We put our heart and soul into every performance, which has rewarded us with unbelievably positive reviews from fans and club owners.


FACES FOR RADIO...a band that features members of two previously signed Madison area bands, former Roadracer/Roadrunner recording artists "LAST CRACK", and former Red Decibel/Twin Tone recording artists "RAPSCALLION". Together they have the experience and chemistry to create a fresh new sound that is both complex and exciting. The members of FFR have spent twenty plus years as musicians... paying their dues by writing, performing, and touring in a wrecked two-seat van with no air and no room. The new line up has an incredible mix of chemistry; the songs flow out and basically create themselves. Guitarist JAYME POSTER is a mix of Jimmy Page and Slash...he has no problem playing anything the band throws at him. Bass Guitarist TODD WINGER, (Reno) is an arrangement guru...he has a bass sound that is second to none. His smooth approach and incredible playing style makes for a solid groove and intense rhythm. Drummer 'SKEE' is also a strong song arranger, always looking for a new sound and thinking outside the box. He can play with the best of 'em, and is an outstanding backing vocalist. Singer TOD SCHWENN, or 'Renfield' as the band calls him, is a power house vocalist with a raspy and convincing presence. He has a monster inside of him, always revealed when he performs. Faces For Radio is on a mission to succeed...Their live shows are proof of their intense dedication to songwriting and performing. FFR are currently recording their debut CD...keep your eyes and ears open....


currently working on first full-length CD

Set List

30 minutes to over 1 hour 45 mins.. No covers. All original.