Faces of the Bog

Faces of the Bog


Sludgy, groovy heaviness. If Mastodon, The Melvins, Tool and Black sabbath had a baby...we'd be the offspring. (NOT the "punk" band, haha)


Formed in spring 2012, and hailing from Humboldt Park on Chicago's west side, Faces of the Bog offer up a tasteful mix of doom, stoner, sludge and metal. Their philosophy was simpleā€¦ get the four of them in a room together and see what happens. As time progresses, so does their music. Part of what makes FotB what it is, and what it will become, is each members' dedication to push harder and refine the compositions as well as their own personal talent levels. The devil is in the details. Their Aug 2012 demo seems fairly straight forward. But, upon closer examination, you can almost see the evolution just in those three songs. New, more dynamic, more cohesive and complex songs are already being written for an EP, expected to begin production in 2013. The only way to catch a preview of what's to come on the new disc is to see them live. Once you do, you'll know what what this project is all about.


Aug 2012 demo

Set List

Most recent set list

-Slow burn
-At the stake (Melvins cover)
-Old witch
-The Hanged Man