Faces on Film

Faces on Film


Faces on Film are purveyors of an exploratory brand of pop that is both accessible and challenging. Their enigmatic sound is quickly making them a fresh, young voice in the Boston music scence.


Faces on Film is an incarnation of progressive rock music based in Boston, Massachusetts. On the strength of a six-song demo recorded in July of 2004, the band has been headlining at marquee venues throughout the northeast during the winter and early spring, such as Piano’s, The Middle East, TT the Bears, The Mercury Lounge among many others.

Faces on Film is a purveyor of a melodic, exploratory brand of pop that is both accessible and challenging; both bold and beautiful. Vocals by Mike Fiore ranging dramatically from the ethereal to edgy, add to the complexities of each song. Ted Gallagher and Mike layer interweaving guitar melodies over the driving rhythms of percussionist Peter Schaefer. As the songs progress the melodic tendrils of Dave Hinckley bass delicately magnify the power of both the melody and the percussion. Their enigmatic sound is quickly making them a young, fresh voice on the East Coast music scene. They will begin work on a new EP in April of 2005 at Q-Division studio in Somerville, MA with the assistance of master engineer and producer Nick Zampiello. This record is slated for an independent release in the Untied States in the late summer, to be couple with a pre-released single in Europe and Japan. A full length record should be distributed internationally in late fall.


“I really like a deep bag of tricks, and this band keeps just keeps surprising me. By the end of their set, I am their fan.”
-Steve Gisselbrecht of “The Noise”

“The arrangement, the technique, the vocals, the timing, the feeling, the production- it’s all there.” - Garageband.com

“Melodic, powerful performances. A can’t miss band!” -The Pulse

“A splitting sound that reminds me of Jessica Rabbit!!” - Bristis


Self released EP, recorded in 2004, available at live shows

Set List

45 minutes to an hour and half of original music