We are post-hardcore and heavy rock with an original sound designed to make you think as well as rock out. Coming off two straight years playing on Warped Tour, the newly re-christened Face The Lie is ready to bring their personal brand of tight, melodic, in-your-face rock to the people.


Our intention is to create a passion for positive change through the music and lyrics we write. Our influences include bands unafraid to speak their minds about what really goes on in the world. Face the Lie's message is reflected in its name - confronting the disillusionment so prevalent in American culture and forcing a change.

The members' roots lie in several different bands. Dana Graves and Brian Westbrook hail from the popular pop-punk outfit Hydraulic Sandwich. They also form half of Razmig, an experimental punk band from Boston. Greg Goff's journey to Face the Lie is a long one, jumping from a cover band on VH1's TV show Cover Wars to The Last Year to the heavy/poppy group Bullet in a Promise (centered in Albany, New York). Bill Bellows followed a similar route as Greg as the drummer in The Last Year and Bullet In A Promise; never expecting the role of the front man to be in his future.

Set List

Our set list changes frequently as we write new material. Our standard set is 35 - 45 minutes long. We also play a few interpretive covers for a longer 1 hour set.