FACE music represents a wide variety of genres. Their style can reflect everything from as simple and melodic as Casting Crowns and Third Day to a more complex style of rock like Skillet. Soul Society has the ability to captivate every listener and completely involve any audience.


FACE is made up of four members who are on Earth with a reason and a mission. The band was formed on God's terms and has been molded into a vessel to be used to spread the good news and positive message that is represented in the Bible. By God's grace, even though the band has not been together long, it has taken off very quickly, has a large local following, and has already been a great influence in the surrounding communities. All four members in the band have had different musical influences ranging from acoustic to R&B and to heavy metal. As a band FACE understands that Christian music is not just music but also a way of life and all members strive to be a positive example on and off the stage.


FACE is currently in the process of cutting their first EP. As of right now they have released their new single "Give Me Life"

Set List

Our typical set list would be these 9 songs that we have recorded and have rehearsed. We have newer songs that we haven't recorded yet but are currently working into our set list.

Drowning - 4:50

One Nation Under God - 3:48

Give Me Life- 3:00

For All to See - 5:00

Trials- 4:30

On the Throne - 5:37

Take Me Home - 5:33

Save Me Now- 4:00

Window- 4:30