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Fact Not Fiction


Soft Lyrics, Loud Guitars, a backing beat that tends to carry the tune into the listener's mind with ease. Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse rolled into one, with our own blend of melody.


Fact Not Fiction has never been satisfied with life exactly as it appears. Coming from a small town in Georgia known better for its UFO sightings than for its music scene, it's natural for their songs to exude an escapist quality. Zeke Sayer’s light vocals lift away from simple acoustic strums with an eerie haze, bringing to mind the likes of Elliott Smith or Iron & Wine. Poppier tracks cleverly build catchy melodies in the vein of The Beatles and Snow Patrol. Their latest release displays new experimentation that shows, despite its retro sound, that this is the kind of band that can only move forward.

The band began after vocalist/guitarist Zeke Sayer left his high school. “I did a lot of things that made me wide up in trouble, and one of those situations caused me to leave school,” he admits. ”But I believe that everything happens for a reason, and while I was in school, I had no direction in life. It took losing something for me to have a wake up call and realize I'd better do something with my life. So I started the band.”

Sayer found his passion not only in playing the music, but in production. After finding the right line-up, he produced the band’s debut "Conversations With Eyes Closed" album in a renovated mobile home. Some of the music from this album has even appeared on the soundtrack for indie film The Philosopher.

In 2007, Fact Not Fiction began recording their second album, A Corporate Calling, with Jon Bryant on guitar, Justin Vickery on bass, and Adam Grant on drums. Unfortunately, time constraints led Vickery to leave the band before the album was finished, and Tyler Glenn took over for the rest of recording. The album leaves behind the more somber and somnambulant mood of their first, with the rockabilly-esque “Powder Bag” to saccharine love tale “The Ballad of Jack and Amy.” Before the album’s official release, “Electric City,” was already chosen to be the official city song of Anderson, SC.

In addition to playing shows from rural Hartwell, GA to indie oasis Athens, GA to a festival in front of hundreds in Anderson, SC, Fact Not Fiction has assembled a solid online fan base. Critical acclaim and fans have all spoken: Fact Not Fiction is a must-listen band for this year and the next.

--Pauline Diaz, 2007


Complete List of FNF Lyrics at www.songmeanings.net

Written By: Fact Not Fiction

Complete List of FNF Lyrics at www.songmeanings.net


The Fact Not Fiction EP - Jan. 2006

"Conversations with Eyes Closed" - Sept. 2006

"A Corporate Calling" - July 2007

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Set List

We tend to change it up from show to show to keep the plot fresh and make sure everyone has a good time. Our set consists of 90% originals, with some covers ranging from Gorilaz to The Beatles to Snow Patrol. Our shows always start with a upbeat song, even if the crowd has doubts at first and interact with the crowd before coming to a spectacular end with a powerful, heart catching tune.