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"Album Review nov 16, 2005"

I've had a good listen to the new Factor Fiction album Things I Draw Come True these past few days having interviewed them for blogTO last week.

It's got some great songs on it and does a good job of showcasing the musicianship of each of the band members

The group produced this album themselves, renting a cottage and recording it over the space of 4 days. This gives the album a really warm feel about it which really works well with the music.

More important though than any geeky facts about the production is the music itself. And there are some really excellent tracks on here. Left Handed Sue in particular is a really well crafted infectious pop song. The 2 tracks preceding it - Snakes and Ladders and Simon - are also really strong with beautiful harmonies and catchy melodies. These songs would hold their own against the worlds more established rock bands.

-Neil Garett-
- blogTO.com

"Feature Article jan 12, 2006"

Clip of the article written by JASON SCHNEIDER entitled
'Putting a pop beat to society's ills'

You probably still have fond childhood memories of that
charming animated show in which the little guy named Simon escapes his
dreary world by entering the one he draws himself on his chalkboard. If
this doesn't ring a bell, well forgive me for a momentary lapse into
premature senility.

The point is that I was reminded of Simon and his work by the band
Factor Fiction, who titled their debut album, Things I Draw Come True,
as a partial tribute to that visionary program.

"There's a song on the album called Simon as well," says the band's
singer/guitarist David Ward.

"A lot of the songs are about escaping the rat race and feeling
disenfranchised in a big city. That's sort of the common theme running
through the album.

"On one level, people can hear some of it as basic love songs, but I try
to add other dimensions to the lyrics. We're getting more and more
preoccupied with how distorted the media has become and the cult of
celebrity, so there's lots of that in the songs, too." - Kitchener-Waterloo Record


Factor Fiction 2
April 2007

Things I Draw Come True



Since the release of their debut album, the band has recieved considerable media attention, appearing on CityTV's Breakfast Television, Sun TV, CBC Radio Vancouver, CJFX Radio Nova Scotia, and CKMS Radio in Waterloo. Factor Fiction is also a regular performer at the 102.1The Edge "Steamwhistle Indie Club" at 228 Yonge St., Toronto. Only a few months following their debut release, the band is working with producer and veteran rocker Greg Godovitz, (from premiere Canadian classic rock act Goddo) recording their second indie album. 102.1 The Edge Indie Night with Barry Taylor continues to request new material from the band and has aired 3 unreleased singles from the upcoming album: "Left Handed Sue", "Flowers Wilt", and "Us Against Them".