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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | SELF

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | SELF
Band Rock Alternative




"RIZE and fade @ Webster Hall"

Live review for RIZE and fade. - The Diva Review.com

"fade exclusive interview"

exclusive interview for fade - The Diva Review.com

"RIZE North America Tour – Awesomeness Beyond Belief. (With Fade, Hip Hop Gamer, JR Junior)"

The ultra awesome numetal group RIZE just finished their North American tour this week. With two dates in Toronto and one in New York City, Rize gave three great performances and captured the hearts of many new fans. - KAWAII KAKKOII SUGOI

"RIZE and fade at Toronto's Tattoo Rock Parlour"

RIZE and fade brought both unbridled intensity and a friendly, approachable atmosphere to their second performance in Toronto. - JaME

"Special Interview with RIZE and fade"

Beach Booster Special Interview with Fade and Rize by Dianna Chycki
- Beach Booster

"Japanese Rock Group fade Launches Their US Invasion By Debuting On Pandora Internet Radio"

In the United States, music-philes and industry insiders are always searching for the next new wave of music, especially from international sources. That search can end since one of Japanses top rock groups, fade, timed their latest album release Kings of Dawn with the launch of their international tour this Spring - ending with a huge focus on US penetration beginning this Fall.

- MI2N

"Blue Eyed Samurai x Black Eyed Cowboys = fade"

We bring you a squad of musicians beyond unique today – a group that merges talent from both Japan and the United States, a band simply called, fade. Born out of influences from both the west and the Far East, fade is not only bringing a completely new sound to the table, but are redefining alternative style as a whole! Lucky for us, we were able to chat with lead singer Jon Underdown, guitarists Kansei Miyaji and 5°, bassist noriyuki and drummer rui for one of our more entertaining interviews.

- PensEyesView


1st mini album January, 2003
1. Metamorphosis
2. One Day
3. Save Me
4. Frustration’s Puppet
5. Inner Peace

"A Moment of Truth”
2nd mini album March, 2005
1. Drifting Away
2. Five
3. Beautiful
4. She
5. From the Inside Out
6. Wiser for the Wear

"Under the Sun”
3rd mini album July, 2005
1. Better Scarred
2. Under the Sun
3. Nature of Rain
4. Out of Body Experience
5. You
6. Beautiful-Live at Yokohama

"To Find A Better Tomorrow”
4th album August, 2008
1. Filter 6. Slitting regret
2. Break Away 7. Sound of light
3. Miss you
4. Till the end of time
5. fool

"Age of Innocence”
5th album November, 2009
1. Last Man Standing 6. Trapped
2. So Far Gone 7. Reality Lost
3. Reflection 8. face
4. Let it Go 9. SPIN
5. The Age of Innocence 10. It was you

“Kings of Dawn”
6th album April, 2011
1. Born Ready
2. Cosmicalism
4. Tides of change
5. Kings of Dawn
6. Relax (for CD) / Living on a Prayer (for Digital)

7th album June, 2012
1. In the end
2. Chase for Daylight feat.Toyo (from NEW BREED)
3. REIMEI~??~
4. Ever Free
5. Close to You (Jp)
6. Moment of Life
7. Keep the Faith
9. Pain Inside
10. Million to One
11. Always and Forever
12. Ten
13. Beautiful (ver.2012)



< 1st Stage of fade >
1991: Started their music activity in NY by rui(Ds) and kansei(G)
1994: noriyuki(B) joined.
1998: 5°(G) joined , and performed 1st live act @ Tokyo their summer vacation.
1999: Moved their basement from NY to Tokyo.
2001: Jon Underdown(Vo) joined.
2002: Changed the band name as “fade”, releasing 1st album “fade” as premium limited CD only @ Tower-record ranked 1st on Tower-record weekly chart, in addition to 1st live as fade in Shibuya, being sold tickets within 15minutes.
2003: Released album “fade” officially via entire CD stores nationwide in Japan, ranked 3rd on “Japan Countdown”.

< 2nd Stage of fade >
2005: Released 2nd album “Moment of Truth” which was recorded in LA featuring Mark Lappaleinen(ex; Hoobastank), Erik Gregory(Recording Engineer of Linkin Park) in March with starting “Japan Tour” in 20 cities. In July, marketed 3rd album “Under The Sun” with Live Tour visiting 14 cities
2006: Featured a song “Beautiful” from album “Under The Sun” in movie called “Rainbow Songs” by Japanese popular movie director “Shunji Iwai”
2008: Released 4th album “To Find A Better Tomorrow” mixed by Ted Jensen (Proven careers w/ P.O.D., Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, TRAPT, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, etc), ranked 9th in “ Western Music” chart not “Japanese Music Category” in USEN chart in Japan.
2009: Appeared on various Rock Festivals including “ETP Fest” in Soul / Korea with Nine Inch Nails, Limpbizkit, etc, “Rush Ball” + “Sweet Love Shower” in Osaka, “Loud Park” in Tokyo with Judas Priest, Megadeath, etc. Released 5th album “Age of Innocence” in Nov, featured 2 songs on TVCM by “ABC Mart” = popular Shoes / Sneakers outlets in Japan.
2010: Featured song “Reality Lost” from album “Age of Innocence” in popular Music-Game series in both “Drum Mania” + “Guitar Freak” Joined various large scale Rock Festivals such; “Mega Rocks 2010”,“Minami Wheel 2010”, etc, along fade Japan Tour “American Made Samurai Japan Tour 2010”
2011: Released 6th Album “King of Dawn” in Apr, starting Live Tour in Japanese 16 major cities Featured “One Reason” in popular animation TV program “Dead Man Wonderland”, ranked 4th in Independent-Label music chart.

< 3rd Stage of fade >
2011/07: Launched full scale of international marketing!