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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Band Rock Pop


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"Faded Blue pernounced as 'one of the top requested bands of 2006'"

On the December 31st 2006 edition of "That East Coast Show" on CKBW, Faded Blue was announced as "one of the top 3 requested bands of 2006" with their first single 'So Blind' and 'Shout' off their debut CD 'The Blue Mountain Gate'. The other two bands being Alert The Medic and Air Traffic Control. - Jonathan Crouse CKBW

"Chrons and Colitis Press Release"

November 10, 2006

Faded Blue Play Charity Event
Hot Halifax Band celebrates Crohn’s awareness month

Halifax - The weather may be cooling down, but Faded Blue is heating up the music scene across Eastern Canada with their hot acoustics.

The band is taking an afternoon off of what has been an incredible tour schedule, to help the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada (CCFC) celebrate Crohn’s and Colitis awareness month at the Seahorse Tavern.

“We’re really proud and excited that Faded Blue has offered to do this fundraiser for our foundation,” says Tracy Durkee-Jones, Maritime Regional Director for the CCFC. “This event is a great way for people to have a fun afternoon, and support our cause at the same time.”

Faded Blue is an original acoustic rock band that consists of four highly dedicated members; Tyler Lopez, lead vocals and acoustic guitar; Matthew Yorke, bass; Bryan Page percussion and Mike Gorey, lead guitar.

Faded Blue, participated in Music Nova Scotia week earlier this month, and were in the Feswick Production Studios to demonstrate the recording process and performed at a show case. For Faded Blue bookings contact Eirinn Fraser Enterprises at efenterprise@eastlink.ca or check our website at www.fadedblue.ca .

Faded Blue, which has luxuriated in the top 5 of the East Coast Countdown for the past several weeks, will kick off this charity event at 2 p.m. on November 25. Advance tickets are available at the Seahorse for $10, or by calling 422-8137. Tickets are $12 at the door.


About Faded Blue
Their first year together was focused on creating and collaborating on their own original music. The group has just recorded their first full length CD, and are hitting the music scene with their sights set high.

Recently becoming a member of Music Nova Scotia, they have been getting their name and sound out there, and are taking advantage of the countless opportunities Halifax and the rest of Canada has to offer musicians.

The members of Faded Blue are firm believers that they have the sound, attitude, commitment, drive and the heart to succeed in becoming another big band in Halifax's music scene. With their high energy, catchy and upbeat original music, tastefully mixed with a selection of cover music designed to please a little of every age category, Faded Blue makes for a very enjoyable night out for anybody. Said to be "...one of the hottest new bands of 2006" by Tim Feswick of Feswick Productions. If you think you may be interested in seeing these guys perform, keep an eye out in The Coast magazine!

About CCFC
The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada (CCFC) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, medical research foundation dedicated to finding the cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. The Foundation is also committed to educating IBD patients, their families, health professionals and the general public about the diseases. For more information about the CCFC, please visit www.ccfc.ca.

For further information, please contact:
Tracy Durkee-Jones, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation
Tel: 422-8137
Email: tdurkee-jones@ccfc.ca
- Tracey Durkee-Jones

""Route 104" 2006 Homegrown Top 25"

1. The Trews Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me
2. The Trews Yearning
3. The Joel Plaskett Emergency Nowhere With You
4. Matt Mays & El Torpedo Time Of Your Life
5. Sloan Who Taught You To Live Like That
6. INXS Devil's Party
7. In-Flight Safety Coast Is Clear
8. John Campbelljohn Sydney Steel
9. Charlie A'Court Big Dark Canyone
10. In-Flight Safety Surround
11. Tara Slone My Little Secret
12. Bubbles & the Shit Rockers Liquor and Whores
13. Matt Mays featuring Buck 65 When The Angels Make Contact
14. The Novaks I'll Give You A Ring
15. INXS Afterglow
16. Wintersleep Jaws Of Life
17. The Trews I Can't Say
18. The Contact Never Fly Away
19. The Novaks Doesn't Anybody Hear It
20. Wayne Nicholson Good To Have
21. The Contact Until The End Of Time
22. Galore She's An Elevator
23. Ashley MacIsaac Bitch
24. Mark Bragg The Bridge
25. Faded Blue So Blind
- Tom Bedell

"The Blue Mountain Gate Invades The Air Waves"

October 6th 2006 'The Blue Mountain Gate' was officially released to the World with a CD Release party hosted by Q104's Bobby Mac. It was held at The Attic in Halifax N.S.
Within a year of the release 7 out of 10 songs from 'The Blue Mountain Gate' have been blasted on several Nova Scotia radio stations. With one song being released to The East Coast Countdown, 'So Blind' made it to the top of the list for 9 consecutive weeks.

- Eirinn Fraser

"Faded Blue"

Faded Blue

Written By: Tracy Rafuse

Word of mouth is the key to anything successful one might say, I mean the thought that I would have overlooked this band because I feared it wasn’t my genre of music, or a little to “old” style for my liking. My friend, Mel, mentioned to me that we should check out this band, since we have both lacked in seeing a live act in so long, and she claimed that “Faded Blue” would be the next cool thing to conquer on our to-do list. So with live act in mind, and my ever yearning desire to see some drumming, I went to the prime source for all things musical, Facebook. Well not really a dictionary of thoughts when you want to find out about local acts, but it allowed me to begin a conversation with a stranger when in the end, I felt totally drawn in to by a man as an intellectual, and a band that seemed to cool to pass by.

Tyler Lopez is the boy’s name; he is one of four members of the fastest up and coming bands on the East Coast, Faded Blue. His ability to strike a conversation and keep it fresh with a complete stranger, made me realize right away that this guy has the knack to be successful. He combines this ability to captivate you in conversation, and then totally swing around with the most amazing compliments for his own band mates. They truly work as a team and I can truly see the brotherhood as a unit. These characteristics are keen in the success both on stage and off. Tyler notes, “I’m just very grateful of the band I’ve put together over the years. I think they are the best musicians a guy could ever ask for. Not only good musicians but great guys. They’ve become my best friends so I can’t say anything bad about them. Faded Blue is not about any one member. That’s why we are a group; we work together and function as a unit. Whether on stage, working, networking, or whatever else. If anyone of us was to leave, the band would fall apart.” This true statement ensures the egotistical side of the music business will not puncture this solid unit, which then in turn will create many, many great decades of Faded Blue performances.

The band itself has seriously been at it for about a year and a half. Tyler and the drummer, Bryan Page, started back about 4 years ago, but following a changeover of band members throughout this time, came to find their right fit of musicians roughly about a year ago. This is when Nick Gauthier and Mark Clazie joined the group, and started to add their talents to this already strong willed duo of musicians. “Overall better musicians, better performers, and the right attitude that’s required in order to succeed not only in the industry, but to get along well enough to not kill each other when we have to be around each other constantly being on the road and whatnot,” tells Tyler on the whole experience that has got them to the point of where they are today as a group. The togetherness is unique and needed to prove positive in this competitive fan base of live entertainment.

So folks there will be no cat fights here my friends…these boys are ready to prove what they have for the public wide over, and even in contract they can still smile and add one fine element to ensure that this scenario is always the case, “If band members feel the need to fight, it MUST follow by a hug.” How unique and truly committed this one statement shows the fans of Faded Blue that their deal is to ensure that fine music is had always. Although Tyler hated the idea of trying to explain what type of music, Faded Blue, had to offer, he kindly went with an idea of “distinct rock/pop element.” But this genre doesn’t hold them back to a variety of fan base. They appeal to everyone, they play tunes that can bring you back to a time of old and then in the next riff, you are dancing to an upbeat tempo of today. When I first heard the single, “Turn It Up,” I imagined sunny day, driving to the beach and the tunes are really loud. Well unfortunately the reality of Nova Scotia winter is upon us, so that is not going to happen, but I am still listening to the tunes, and my foot is just a tapping and the closest gig is upon the horizon. I am somewhat giddy, because the thought that my ideal to relaxing is either to be at a bar with a great live band having a few drinks or the front row of an amazing concert singing and dancing away, and this is going to happen FINALLY!! A cold glass of brew…a bit of a fuzzy brain and rock music…nothing could be better.
When asked, Tyler mentions that relaxing would involve for him hanging out with the guys, yup you heard it here, and they even like each other outside of the stage… And yes sipping wine may be a specialty as well…hanging around and playing tunes on their guitars and singing their next great hit or maybe one of their favorites from The Traveling Willburys or Tom Petty. That thought reminds me of a video from Great Big Sea, Clearest Indication, one of my favorite videos to date, picture all the boys around the coffee table, with a few guitars and singing amazing songs. Simple and truly the only way one hopes great hits are compiled.
Boys and guitars and boys and drums…what is a girl to do, I mean what chick hasn’t thought it would be cool to have a boyfriend that can tackle an instrument and then play it casually in the living room on a winter’s night…hmmmm…sorry off track. From stage you will see Tyler playing acoustic guitar, although he does come from a background of piano playing, so maybe at some point we will see the guy play a power ballad that involves a piano lead. You can find Bryan on the drums and is complimented by Tyler by saying, “He’s constantly improving in his versatility on the drums… He’s been playing for so long, and his commitment to his instrument in the past couple years really shows when he’s holding us together on stage.” Mark can be found playing bass, and his tough bass lines helps to mold the group with all it plays for audiences. Tyler notes, “Well… we consider ourselves lucky that we stumbled upon such a dedicated, reliable bassist like Mark. Not only is he a totally solid bassist, but he’s very intelligent. He graduated from a very highly respected college in Toronto called Tribus. He took Audio Engineering so his knowledge when it comes to gear, recording, you can’t put a value to. He’s definitely the tech type guy the group and we really value that. It just really expands on the things we are capable of as a group. Where he is so good at Photoshop and computer stuff in general, it saves us from having to hire someone to do everyday website updates, graphic design, cd design etc… He has definitely become a very key element in our unit.”

As for Nick he can be found playing lead guitar, but has been mentioned as being pretty talented when conquering any instruments. Tyler explains that Nick can play drums, any type of guitar, mandolin, bass and piano, and then goes to mention that, “... admire that about him more then he could ever know.” As for Tyler, no ADHD moments when thinking about any musical ventures or talents he is going to attempt to conquer in the near future. He is just hoping to improve his guitar playing, and maybe figure the Bass out. Too my disappointment, no time in the near future, will he find the enthusiasm to attempt the drums. “Definitely not drums, although I admire a good drummer, I don’t think I’m coordinated enough to master something like that. Bryan has tried multiple times from as far back as grade 7 to teach me and all I can do (still) is boom smack, boom smack… It’s rather frustrating. Ha Ha.” This group as a whole, their mentality is amazing, this understanding truly shows that they appreciate each other, and as Tyler makes very clear, “A band will never make it if they look out for themselves and nobody else.”

As said by myself many times before now, and in aspects other then writing. Music is my memory zapper, it helps me to remember and rekindle any past thoughts that may have escaped to those small points in my brain that one may call the abyss. The importance of live venues in the small points of Nova Scotia are dwindling more and more daily, and the forefront for these musical talents are become extinct. We need to as a whole, encourage and assist these groups to become better and better. We as individuals need to start showing our talents our appreciation for their hard work andmusical abilities, and encourage venues to provide us with outlets that are filled with the backdrop of drum beats and energy filled musicians, rather then the bass-filled rooms of a dance venue. “Musicians play music to make a living like anybody else, and if they aren’t selling cd’s and getting attendance at shows they will leave and go somewhere where they will receive the support they deserve,” explains Tyler. “I’m not crapping on residents in N.S. because we’ve met some of the GREATEST people ever that their life is supporting music,” says Tyler, but he makes a fine point. Although we are few in numbers, we must become a whole unit to promote the success of live music to any venue that deems worthy enough for these talents. Tyler made a comment that opened my eyes to the views of musician. I mean I know I have felt that my importance as a so-called fan was minor in the realm of any event, but he talks about them as friends. “They come out to their favorite bands shows whenever they are in town and do whatever it takes to be there. Those people will never be forgotten to us. They all say to us ‘I know you see me as just another fan but….’ and it’s just not like that. We look forward to seeing our friends in all the different places we play; they are the nicest most generous people ever. And it just kills us to hear them not give themselves credit for supporting artists. We go out of our way to show the outmost respect for people like them,” says Tyler. Wow, what fan wouldn’t appreciate being thought of as a part of something that is about to make history in the music industry.

It is funny how at one point in time, one will find individuals as complete strangers, and with the magic of computers, you can talk like you have known each other forever. I got this vibe from Tyler and I am ever more excited to see this band. The time that he was able to put aside for me to talk about the band and about the importance of a “Vanilla Ice” song in our life experiences, allowed me to see the down to earth nature he bestowed to the general public, and the importance his band’s music is to provide each and every one an experience that they will last them a lifetime….or well at least till the next venue….. See you at the show my friends…...............

- Tracy Rafuse (East Coast Groove.com)

"Faded Blue making tracks with debut CD"

Faded Blue making tracks with debut CD


YOU’RE THE LEAD singer in an ambitious, up-and-coming young band. You’re about to go onstage. Just before you turn off your pager, it beeps.

Faded Blue is ""the hardest working young band in Nova Scotia"" says their producer Tim Feswick all are now full-time musicians, committed to promoting their new CD and connecting with their rapidly growing audience.

But lead singer, Tyler Lopez is still a volunteer fireman with Station 8 in Bedford, and after working months toward a finely tuned performance with the band, knowing that "a really challenging fire" is happening as the first chords are being struck is agony for the young man committed to the "best I can do at anything."

Lopez’s relaxed, warm vocals are anchored by a band that are tight and clean a fresh rock-pop sound.

Brian Page, the drummer for the band and, with Lopez, the other originator, says, "The songs are very riff driven. We’re still learning how we work with each other, but often we’ll start with a riff that pushes us through a song and pulls us all in together."

Lopez and Page went through junior high school together, then separated for high school.

They hooked up again about two-and-a-half-years ago, when Lopez started looking around for support in his songwriting.

He found it in his old friend, and then, after, in their words "going through a few people," they added Matt Yorke, their bass player, and Mike Gorey, a lead guitarist with a real feel for lush melody.

The old friendship is a great anchor for the new band and Page says the history gives them a sort of shorthand that can simplify their creative process.

Where once they were writing as individuals and bringing songs in virtually complete, now, Page says, "we’re pretty much writing together, we’re more into a collective mode."

The process of making this CD has pushed them further into that mode. Their manager Kevin Page, says the time spent producing this CD at Feswick’s idyllically situated and state-of-the-art studio at Broad River near Liverpool, made a huge impact on the boys.

"We can’t say enough good about Tim. He pulled the best out of the band basically committing to an intensive three week session they learned to play better, to listen harder. He’s been spectacular," Page pauses and smiles, "and very finicky in a good sense. He wouldn’t let them get away with second rate. What they took away, apart from a great CD, is that they won’t accept anything but their best."

So these young men, who describe themselves as "serious as can be about the music, but basically, a bunch of creative goofs" are going to continue to build on the audience who’ve been coming back to places like Ginger’s Tavern, where one of the managers says of them "the customers love "em we always do well with those boys."

Faded Blue’s first CD, The Blue Mountain Gate, was celebrated with a great audience at The Old School House in Barrington Passage on the South Shore last Saturday.

The Halifax release is Friday, at The Attic, Grafton Street.

Faded Blue will be touring the province over the next months, hitting my patch, at Chuggles in Antigonish on Nov. 2, and The Engine Room in Truro on Nov. 4, moving on to Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto. And the fires they hope to be lighting, are ones that Lopez won’t be rushing to put out.

Shelley Thompson is an actor, director, freelance writer, and Spotlight’s voice on the arts in Northeastern Nova Scotia.

- The Chronicle Herald


'The Blue Mountain Gate'
1) So Blind
2) All Those Years
3) Jam In A
4) Shout
5) On The Town
6) The Blue Mountain Gate
7) Why
8) Too Bad
9) Tonight
10) Say Goodnight

EP (2007)

1) Turn it Up
2) Change
3) Just So You Know

Faded Blue (2008)

1) Turn it Up
2) Just So You Know
3) Change
4) One More Line
5) The Sundance Catastrophe
6) Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong
7) Long Year
8) Mamacita
9) Midnight Moonlight Trip
10) If Everyone Believes



Faded Blue is amongst the fastest up and coming bands on the East Coast. By infusing their pop melodies with hints of reggae, rock, and even country, Faded Blue creates a refreshing sound that keeps bodies moving all night.
2008 and 2009 were extremely busy years for the band, performing over 200 live shows,and sharing the stage with such bands as; Colin James, Illscarlett, Joel Plaskett, and Hello Operator to name a few.
Faded Blue has spent the past year and a half touring Canada in support of their self-titled sophomore album. Their first single 'Turn it Up' was released and shot up the charts in the East Coast, and beyond, reaching #1 for 2 consecutive weeks on the East Coast Countdown. Their second release 'Midnight Moonlight Trip' followed suit by hitting #1 as well.

Faded Blue recorded their first full-length album ‘The Blue Mountain Gate’ at Feswick Productions in the summer of 2006. The album received heavy airplay all over the Maritimes with their singles ‘So Blind’, ‘Shout’, and ‘Jam In A’. Two of those songs spent many weeks in the top 10 of the nationally syndicated radio show ‘The East Coast Count Down’ (www.eastcoastcountdown.com). Another highlight for the band was ‘So Blind’ being announced as one of Q104’s Top 25 Homegrown releases of 2006!

Faded Blue is also no stranger to special events and festivals. The guys have played events such as Contact East 07’, ECMA 07’/08’, Privateers Days 07’ 08', Riverfest, Jack Frost Festival 08’, and Music Nova Scotia Week 06’, 07’ to name a few. The boys also made TV appearances on such shows as Breakfast Television and 'The Christmas Daddies Telethon 06’ where they wrote and performed their Christmas song ‘Here & Gone’ .

With a brand new album, and a third tour of 2008 to Ontario in their future, Faded Blue will be very busy. So be on the lookout for when you can have your chance to lose your mind to the sound that is FADED BLUE.