Fading Collection

Fading Collection

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Fading Collection follows the trip-hop meld of the diva and the digital, with touches of Goldfrapp and the dynamic restlessness of DJ Shadow. With songs that alternate between moody ups and ecstatic downs, spicy and cool, alive with the crackling charge generated by a group of uncommon musicians.

Band Press

John Richards KEXP Review – John Richards, Program Director, KEXP 90.3

Local electronic duo get the remix treatment from a variety of local artists, most of which aren't well-known,
but provide some superior vocals and production work. Excellent local downtempo electronica.

Tablet Magazine Review – Shawn Telford, Tablet Magazine

This remix album from Seattle’s trip-hop trio is as good as anything available anywhere. Sarah McCulloch’s
voice is smoky and serious in all of the right places and angelic everywhere else. The rhythm section concocts
a tapestry of grooves and beats that sway heads and hips in an electronic ebb and flow for the duration of the
album. The same fierce heart that inspired their debut is at the center of this collection; only here it’s been
rethought, reshaped and rewired... these 14 songs come out of the womb veracious and raw, like life itself.

Three Imaginary Girls Press – www.threeimaginarygirls.com

Sarah McCulloch's vocals twist and turn like a angelic bird flying between Halou and Massive Attack. You
can hear the wings on her voice...[the mixes] groove with a dark pop snap like Garbage-lite, and then flow into
memories of bands like Single Gun Theory. It's the shadows that breathe within the beats that keep me smiling.

Michele Myers KEXP Review – Michele Myers, DJ, KEXP 90.3

Seattle trip hop artists The Fading Collection start with unsettling psychedelic loops, then add live vocals,
bass, drums, and guitar. Dark lyrics and incisive harmonies showcase the gorgeous and turbulent voice of
Sarah McCulloch.