Fading Doubt

Fading Doubt


One of Maryland's Music's top success stories: Fading Doubt. They've captured audiences attention nationally, and soon will become one of the industry's best.


Hailing from western Maryland, the pop/rock band Fading Doubt was organized in August 2005. Composed of members Nathan Friend (vocals, guitar, piano), Jason Lottmann (drums, percussion), and Aaron Drabnis (bass), Fading Doubt’s mission, as their name suggests, is to use their music to help strengthen those who struggle in their faith, both spiritually and personally. Influenced by such artists as Third Eye Blind, Building429, Jeremy Camp, Sanctus Real, Good Charlotte, U2,The Fray, and Jimmy Eat World, Fading Doubt blends heartfelt lyrics and emotional music to reach those for whom the world is not painted in black and white, but shades of gray. By touching on topics such as faith, love, doubt, and self-reflection, Fading Doubt has developed a strong fanbase of those who can relate to their message.
Soon after their inception, Fading Doubt found themselves on the path to success, receiving several honors, including being chosen as one of Band With A Mission’s 25 best unsigned bands of 2006, as well as being chosen as a nationalist in the Exalting Him 2006 National Competition.

In the short time they’ve been together, the band has toured extensively around the nation, opening for such artists as Building429, Sanctus Real, DecembeRadio, SuperChick, John Reuben, Last Tuesday, Jessie Daniels, and StorySide B. Their fan base, however, extends across the nation, and their music can be heard on radio stations along the East Coast.

In late 2006, Fading Doubt released their first full-length album, entitled Blue Eyed Soul. Independently produced and released, the album has quickly become one of the top-selling albums for independent artists.


Blue Eyed Soul (LP) 2006- Released Dec. 13th, 2006
Exalting Him Talent Search Compilation CD- Released February 2007.
Band With A Mission Compilation CD- Released 2007.

Set List

Light Falls
Blue Eyed Soul
The Show
I Need You
Made Me To Be
Picture of My Life
Tied Up
Just In Time
Better This Way
All That I Am Not