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Seattle, WA | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Seattle, WA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Folk Celtic





The Celtic Music Radio Album of the Week commencing Saturday 8 February is from Fae Wiedenhoeft's SeaStar who visited the Celtic Music Radio base at Adelaide’s, Glasgow during Celtic Connections 2014.

Fae Wiedenhoeft talked to Ross Macfadyen about her music, new album and her visits to Scotland.
With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh and the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae takes her listeners on a musical journey through history and tradition. She performs independently and with her bands SeaStar and Syren throughout the Pacific Northwest. Compared and influenced by the greats of Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Sandy Denn, Fae’s song stories are a must for fans of Celtic folk.

Fae is a folky, Irishy, curly haired girl from Seattle, WA, USA, who likes to sing about love, birds and remembrances kept in a favourite hiding place.

Fae finds secrets in sea glass and stories in driftwood. Her music sounds like dancing flowers, wind through trees, and the raspberry sky at sunset. She loves to hear people’s tales and dip her toes into waters unknown.

Fae created a band in Seattle called SeaStar with bass player Captain Chambers, percussionist Michael Falcone, and guitarist Kelly Blanchard. The band just released their latest record North Winds and played this past November at the Perthshire Amber festival.

Fae also performs with her long time singing companion, Melody Benbow, in their band called Syren. The ladies have been together since 1998 and continue to entertained international audiences.

Album of the Week, Saturday 8 February 2014 at 12 noon and 12 midnight and Monday 10 February at 6.00pm. - Ross Macfadyen

"...a younger Judy Collins..."

Your voice reminds me so much of a younger Judy Collins. Like a feather trapped on gentle wind. Beautiful. - Stormy Young, Fan

"CD Review for "Home""

"...born of Celtic and folk roots..." Sea Star consists of Fae Wiedenhoeft on vocals and guitar; Captain Chambers on bass; Geli Wuerzner on fiddle and vocals; and Michael Falcone on percussion, keys and vocals. This quartet from Bothell is now releasing their CD recorded in the tiny town of Index, Washington. All songs were written by Fae except for 'Dark Eyes', which is a traditional Russian tune with lyrics from Melody Benbow from Vancouver Island. I can't explain why 'Dark Eyes' conjures Marlene Dietrich, but it does. Perhaps it is the integral violin that makes these compositions seem right out of a gypsy camp. A formula of steady rhythm guitar, punctuating drums and bass, hypnotic violin and Fae Wiedenhoeft's voice makes for a pleasant mix.

These are mostly love songs and Fae opts to choose the best vocal line. Her voice is lovely and she can often do without words. The words, available at SeaStar's Facebook page are quite interesting. Her vibrato is warm and captivating and these are nicely crafted tunes. 'True' has a mesmerizing guitar rhythm with counter melody notes plucked on the violin – love songs with modern lyrics, but with an old feel. 'Broken' has the lyric "...if I surrender control, I can be free..." 'Sparrow' is a lovely song, with space for the keyboard, bass and violin. This is probably the best presentation of Fae's voice. "Who stole your wings little sparrow, little one. Who keeps you in the trees, far from your dreams?.... for the world is cold and the one you love's far from thee."

'Friday Smiles' sews together images of a current relationship, "we caught a boat beyond the blue, blue bridge and the seasons changed..." 'Moon Jubilee' contains, "... our very breath joins hands with the fog..." Fae works at her lyrics though they sometimes don't stand as tall above the mix of instruments. 'Drawn & Quartered' is instrumental and has interplay of the plucked violin and tapping of the hand drums. 'Lilac' begins with violin, pauses, and then Fae sings. This is probably the best track, "...and I saw reflections of summer trees and you, bicycle rides, laughter...we created new worlds out of clouds dressed as clowns." 'Home' is the title track and certainly has determination, "I'm not willing to say goodbye for this is my home."

Overall, this is nice music, beautiful violin stuff, rhythm, bass, lyrics and singing. Sea Star is chock full of originality, and it will be fun to see where this goes.

[J.W. McClure] - Victory Music

"CD review of "Hope""

"I've just finished listening to your CD "Hope." Not since I listened for the first time to the songs of Kate Wolf or Mary Black has a CD given me so much pleasure. It doesn't pay to try to explain why you like a song or any work of art. When you listen to a song that hits the target it is like a watch where the time reads only "Now" on its face. Nevertheless, I'll try to explain why your music gives me pleasure. First of all, your music is not escapist. Life is full of joy, loss, happiness, grieving, blues and ragtime. As my old history professor John Wolf used to say: "history is just one damn thing after another. And honesty requires that we look at the whole picture." When I listened to your "North" I was reminded of Mary Black's "Song for Ireland." And your treatment of love in your songs reminds me of Kate Wolf's melancholy appreciation of the joy and fragileness of our relations with each other. Please, understand I am not saying you are good because you sound like Kate and Mary. You are good because your understanding is on equal to theirs. And BTW you play the guitar well. Thank you so much." - Orville T. Murphy

"the Voice!"

"..the voice... I thought I was listening to an angel..." - Yakima Folklife

"Tippy and Folky!"

...SeaStar is a great mix of old and new.. trippy and folky.
A perfect rainy day with sun breaks!.. - Hayden Smith, the GreenBean Coffee House

"Best kept Secret"

".. one of the best kept secrets in the Celtic world." - Fan from the Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival

"soaring like a condor.."

Your guitar and your voice have my soul soaring like a condor in the open sky... - Kina Kosmica, Seattle Film Maker

"Tippy and Folky!"

...SeaStar is a great mix of old and new.. trippy and folky.
A perfect rainy day with sun breaks!.. - Hayden Smith, the GreenBean Coffee House


SeaStar Discography:

Never Go Back - 2016
SeaStar takes Scotland DVD - 2014
North Winds - 2013
The Dublin Three DVD - 2012
Home - 2011
Almost Home - Limited edition EP - 2011
Home - EP - 2010
SeaStar RPM Challenge - 2009
SeaStar Blue - 2008

Fae Wiedenhoeft's Solo albums:

There's a Right Way for Doing Wrong - 2016
Great and Terrible Beauty 2015
Castle Walls 2014
The Wild 2014
Journey  2013
Far, Far Away 2012
Hope  2010
Lost But Not Forgotten  2009
The Branch Above 2008
February Fog 2007
Saffron Sessions 2006

Christmas Tapestry, with George Sadak - 2010
Invitation, with Melody Benbow - 2001
After the Mad King Dies - Cauldron - 2001
Waves to the Sky, with Melody Benbow - 1999
Song of the Isles, with band Myriad - 1998

music can be heard at:



"SeaStar is chock full of originality"  (Victory Music)

"SeaStar is a blend of both the old and the new, the tranquil and passionate, the dramatic and playful. They are equal parts storyteller and muse, weaving a tapestry of poetry and music while leaving enough breathing room for the audience to dream and contemplate" (Seattle Night Out)

" An exceptionally strong vocalist..." (San Diego Troubadour)

".. folky, passionate, had my heart dancing!" (Index Arts Fest)

"..the voice... I thought I was listening to an angel..." (Yakima Folklife)

SeaStar hails from the rainy town of Seattle.

With a velvet voice, a hearty laugh, and the traditions of the Celtic winds, Fae Wiedenhoeft (pronounced Wee-den-hauft) and her band SeaStar take their listeners on a musical journey through history and tradition. Fae is an award winning songwriter. Her traditional sounding tunes and clever story-driven songs are loved and revered by many across the globe. Compared & influenced by the greats: Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Mary Black, & Sandy Denny, "Fae's song stories are a must for fans of Celtic Folk!" (Celtic Music Radio).

Since their beginnings in 2007,  SeaStar’s music has been described as both “timeless” and “authentic”. Their affinity for history, folklore, and the passions of the human spirit keep them moving throughout the world. They have toured across the US, Canada, Ireland, Turkey, Poland, England, France, and Scotland, sharing the stage with folk legends like Dougie MacLean.

SeaStar's love of musical storytelling is only surpassed by their desire to share it with others. Whether it's a small house concert or a large concert hall, Fae will invite you in, sing to you a tale, and make it feel as if she is singing just to you.

Here are some of the Festivals that SeaStar has played

Celtic Connections Music Fest (Danny Kyle Stage), Glasgow, Scotland (2014, 2016)
Tumbleweed Music Festival (2014- 2016)
Juan de Fuca Music Fest (2016)
Index Arts Fest (2007-16)
NW Blackberry Festival (2016)
Seattle Acoustic Festvial (2016)
Seattle Maritime Music Fest (2015)
Port Gamble Maritime Music Fest (2013, 2015)
American Day in Zalecze Wielkie, Poland (2014)
Dougie MacLean's Perthshire Amber, Perth, Scotland (2013)
The Pan Celtic International Music Festival, Carlow, Ireland (2012)
Harvest Festival, Goreme, Turkey (2012)
Far West, Los Angeles  (2012, 2013)
NorthWest Folklife (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011,2015)
Yakima Folklife (2008, 2009, 2011, 2013)


2016 - Second Place, Stories of the Sea Contest, Seattle Maritime Festival - For the song "The Little Western"

2015 - Audience Choice Award, Tumbleweed Music Festival - For the song "Bittersweet Rubbish"

2015 - Top Ten Finalist, Tumbleweed Music Festival - For the song "Bittersweet Rubbish"

2015 - Honorable Mention, Woody Guthrie Songwriting Contest - For the song "Bittersweet Rubbish"

2015 - First Place, Robert Kotta Songwriting Contest - For the song "The Little Western"

2014 - Top Ten Finalist, Tumbleweed Music Festival - For the song "Woodcarver"

2013 - First Place, Robert Kotta Songwriting Contest - For the song "Sailor"

2009 - Finalist, ISC - For the song "True

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