Fafner's sound comes from the depths of the cavern of funk were the mythical dragon “The Fafner” lays awaiting someone to awake him from slumber. Trust that anyone who crosses Fafner’s path, Be Warned, There will be Funk!


“Fafner is a jam band that combines ridiculously funky grooves of 70's Jazz/Fusion with the powerful effect-stained riffs of 60's Rock and the futuristic colors of modern synthesizers”
- David Goldberg

Fafner is an unstoppable musical force of originality, artistic freedom, and talent, taking the jam band to the next level.
- Patrick Orata – The New York Scene 2006

Fafner is quickly becoming part of everyday conversation as one of the top jam bands in the NYC jam band scene.
- Tina McGarvey - 2006

Although Fafner is gaining in popularity and many who hear their music refer to them as the next “Phish”. Fafner does not want to be the next anything. They just want to rock. There is no question the crowd will be pleased.

With 10 EPs and growing Fafner's one and only goal is to create and maintain a fully improvisational jam from start to finish, without ever repeating grooves, melodies, or motifs. The focus is on fun. Once exposed you are magically taken in and become a part of the groove.

You may have never heard this band before but you will. These guys make great music that keep you wanting for more!

Jason Shooster, (Guitar & Keys), is hands down a born musician. He can repeat most anything he hears and change it up to make something new. He is constantly experimenting with his keen musical imagination.

Josh Hoffenberg, (Drums), it is easy to understand how his nickname “The Professor" came about. He is the mixologist of the drums equivalent to a trusted bar tender. He dishes it out with friendly jive.

Mitch Freidman, (Bass), is currently enrolled at NYU studying classical double bass. On the side he plays with a gospel church band and is frequently found in the big city studios as bassist. Mitch provides a complex bottom to Fafner giving it clarity and vision. When Mitch lays down the line its rhythm that he is after and magic that he achieves.
We believe one day Mitch Freidman will be a household name.


The Dragons Layer:
Disc 1
1. The Cavern Of Funk – 2:30
2. Latino Lady – 17:12
3. Mega Dance – 25:00
4. The L Jam – 25:31
Disc 2
4. Herbie – 32:19
5. The Keys – 16:23
6. Chili – 31:15
7. Where’s My Gold – 3:01

The FunKernaut:
1. Necturanus – 22:08
2. FunKernaut I – 4:21
3. FunKernaut II – 3:41
4. FunKernaut III – 5:00
5. FunKernaut IV – 5:20
6. FunKernaut V – 7:03

Sing A Long: (Unreleased Track)
Sing A Long – 49:59
(Amazing piece of music, all made up on the spot and has so many different musical plains to it that it never gets boring, you can listen to this whole song through and it stays interesting till the last note!)

Set List

Are set list varies. We have covered The Allman Brothers, The Weather Report, The Phantom of the Opera, Herbie Hancock, Phish, Gov't Mule, Victor Wooten, Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson, Yes, The Beatles, John Scofield, String Cheese Incident, Pink Flyod, Led Zepplin, The Grateful Dead, James Brown, George Clinton, The Funky Meters and so many more. Fafner loves to play there original songs and tease into covers. Set lists varies on the mood of the crowd and the energy at that time. Fafner shows are all about energy and the journey through the show is something they craft by using pure musical feeling.