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Desperate Hope For Love

Written By: Muhamad Fahmi Bin Abdul Hamid

Title: Desperate Hope For Love
Written by: Muhamad Fahmi Bin Abdul Hamid

[Verse 1]

I walk into a lonely night
With desperate hope that you'll be there
Shadows cling to me
Like the heart unlock by the key
so I ask


Why are you not there
I feel so lost without your touch
My heart has been tattooed with your name
But nobody's there to hold
Why don't you feel the same as I do
All I know is that I love you

[Verse 2]

I put up a strong face to care
But it seems you aren't there
Words are told as roses bloom
I wake up to know that all those aren't true
so i ask



So is this the end
You know I am trying
But you are not moving
I feel like a fool
as my tears still fall for you


All I know till now is that I love you
And I still do