Indie Pop/Indie Rock Moroccan Band
Formed last april, we have made 15 concerts til now, in Morocco.
Web release of 2 songs: Torkan Ou Zman + Sahran Ellil
We participated in the showcases of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals in Agadir, Morocco.
Our songs have english versions.
We want to share our music experience in other countries.


Four months after the band was formed, FAI has already performed twelve concerts between Rabat, Saidia and Casablanca, in addition to two online song releases: “Torkan ou Zman” and “Sahran Ellil”.

FAI marks the comeback of Fayçal Azizi who, throughout his seven-year experience in the Moroccan music scene, was the singer / composer of the band K’LMA, becoming particularly famous for two songs that he composed: “Kif Lemaani” and “Loukan Triko Hwah”.

It was during an art residency that the adventure of FAI started. Fayçal invited Ali King (guitarist / composer) to join the experience, and their artistic blend was so strong that it gave birth to a new “free” sound encompassing various music styles: pop, rock, Arab-Andalusian music…

FAI has the line-up of a rock band whose music is marked by electric tones, boasting a hybrid soul-Andalusian singing voice… an original and unique sound that makes FAI a musical exception in Morocco.

Enjoyed by numerous fans who have been closely following the development of FAI, the two released songs were fully auto-produced. The first is “Torkan ou Zman”, a song blending Eastern tunes with electronic music added to an Indie pop touch on poetic and unique lyrics written by Fayçal. The second is “Sahran Ellil”, a song that the audience already knows through Fayçal’s former band, and gained a new life today thanks to the new arrangement that provides it with a new surreal style which later sounds familiar.

FAI is currently preparing its first album due to include twelve tracks. The album will soon be released.



* Torkan Ou Zman
* Sahran Ellil