Failed Resistance

Failed Resistance


Hardcore, thrashy, in your face. Failed Resistance is a fice piece powerhouse of sound that is ready to rock the house down. Influences include Motley Crue, Choking Victim, American Nightmare, Guns 'N' Roses and Naked Raygun to name a few.


Failed Resistance has spawned as a five-piece powerhouse of sound from the booming metropolis of New Lenox, Illinois. They have taken on the powerful sound that severs the bounds of the hardcore scene with their rightious sound and dark lyrics. Take Choking Victim, American Nightmare and Motley Crue and stick them in blender, and Failed Resistance is what you've got.

Composed of front man and lead vocalist Jahsh Nutting, who is backed by guitarists Jake Youngberg & Dave, bassist Pat Dziallo and drummer Bob Grannum, this notorious five-piece formed a band that draw from near and far with passion for thrashing and tight sound.

After forming in 2001, Failed Resistance quickly established a reputation of a wild, street punk band, performing for sold out crowds all over Chicagoland. Failed Resistance has toured the east East Coast, performing for crowds all over New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and many other major cities.

With two albums under their belt and a 3rd on the way, there's a touch of emo and thrash within their hard-hitting punk guitars and vocals. Failed Resistance also recorded four songs for their split record with the Invectives, released on Slainte Records. During a tour on the West Coast in '04, Captured Records had scouts in the audience to see this "Chicago Phenomenon". Captured was so impressed with FR that they were signed on the spot to their label for a short time.

Failed Resistance took six months off to regroup and record at JBTV studios and they are back with a vengence at the Bottom Lounge on Friday, August 5th for their CD Release Party Extravaganza.


Dead City
Kill Her While She's Young
Silence of Suicide
Failed Resistance/Invectives Split
Failed Resistance/Bound and Gagged Split
Failed Resistance

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