Failing Anything

Failing Anything


This is a hard hitting Christian rock EP that pulls no punches and will make you rock, make you sing, make you think. It is worship like never before and it gets to the point ... have you taken advantage of the promise? Extreme Rock Worship, for an extreme savior!


Failing Anything began as the Central Baptist Church youth band back in 2002 playing simple, every day worship songs. Kirk, Paul, and Chris eventually became the core of the band, enduring several line-up changes through the years. It wasn't until 2006 when the band met Ryan that they became Failing Anything. Integrating their love for rock music into their worship services, they began to play their own style of fast, heavier worship music, and as time went on, began to write their own songs. Their first album was released in September 2007, and showcases the bands talent and versatilty. As time goes, they continue to write songs that express their love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and continue to live their lives for his glory.


Face to Face is the debut EP released in September 2007!

Set List

A typical set would include all the tracks off the fist EP plus some that didn't make it and a couple covers. Our most recent sets are running about 40 minutes long and can be varied acording to time restriction with the deletion and addition of worship cover songs or new originals that are always being worked on. Typical set would include the following song list: Face to Face, Reflection,Love Song,Rain,Simple Truth,Misc. Worship Cover,Misc. Worship Cover, You Gave All.