Buffalo, New York, USA

Failsafe-B threads a pop sensibilty through a staggering variety of musical genres. From rock to metal, hip-hop to raggae, jazz to classical, electronic to avant-gade, Failsafe-B has a song for everyone. Located in Buffalo, NY, the band consists of Eric Beeny and Sterling Smalley. Recent credits include original music and audio production for various short films, local radio, and a national tv spot.


Sterling and Eric met in 1996 while attending the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. A mutual love of Weezer, Bone Thugz ’n Harmony and Cannibal Corpse inspired them to form a three-piece progressive rock band (Siva) blending heavy, melodic riffs, odd time signatures and lyrics about angels.

As teenagers, they won several Battle of the Bands competitions, performed live on college radio and at Buffalo’s New Year’s Eve celebration, First Night. They eventually released a full-length album, several dozen copies of which still remain in Sterling’s mom’s upstairs back bedroom near the broken sewing machine.

After high school, and as most bands inevitably do, Siva’s members went their separate ways. Sterling began honing his skills in recording and audio production, and Eric focused on publishing his fiction and poetry, as well as writing and performing hip-hop under the name Failsafe-B.

From 2002-05, Sterling and Eric worked together on several studio projects, including an album of lost Siva songs and Eric’s hip-hip music. The juxtaposition of these two projects inspired them to expand Failsafe-B into a music group capable of shifting between and mingling among multiple styles within the pop realm.

Since 2005, Failsafe-B’s repertoire has grown to include styles as diverse as rock, hip-hop, raggae, metal, 80’s new wave, 50’s ballads, jazz, soul, classical, and many others. They have written, recorded and produced music for podcasts, scores for several short films as well as radio and TV commercials--most recently a national TV spot or Peak Antifreeze featuring Danica Patrick. They are currently the house band for the burlesque troupe, The Beau Fleuzies, and are scoring a short film for director, Jason Klinger.