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Failsafe Nation

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"Reviews: Failsafe Nation ~ An Agonizing Quiet Space"

Artist: Failsafe Nation
CD: An Agonizing Quiet Space

Home: Hamilton, NJ

Style: Hard Rock/Metal

Quote: "The music is heavy enough to start an army".

By Tristan Shook

Failsafe Nation plays just the kind of raw energetic heavy metal that I get off on. Yes I am aware that the term "heavy metal" was killed by Kurt Cobain and went out with Warrant in the very early 90's, but once you hear Failsafe Nation's Sabbath style sludge riffs mixed with speed freak metal jams you will agree that the label is justified. Besides I refuse to call anything "alt" rock fearing that I will con even more people into missing the point. Rock music is alternative in the first place. It's an expression of youthful exuberance, sexual curiosity, desperation, angst, nihilism, god, life, death, the bomb, and everything else not so easily discussed in pleasant society but nevertheless crucial to making things interesting.

Failsafe Nation's debut EP "An Agonizing Quiet Space" is a promising collection of songs that identify closely with this definition of rock 'n' roll. This metal trio could be on the verge of taking over the world. The music is heavy enough to start an army and the frequent changes of direction are perfect for inserting subliminal messages. Will you fight in the revolution? I certainly will.

Hard rock alums with good taste will like Failsafe Nation. Their sound is a bit of Tool and Soundgarden mixed with the Melvin's penchant for heavy, lurching riffs. Get it.



2005-"Sweet Deceit" EP (8 songs)
2003-"An Agonizing Quiet Space" EP (5 songs)
2001- Demo

"An Agonizing Quiet Space" has gotten airplay on XM Radio, Y100 100.3 FM Philadelphia and several college radio stations in the Northeast.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Failsafe Nation is not the typical heavy alt-rock band, screaming vague, convoluted lyrics over churning, undefined guitar riffs. What they are is a group who play hard and play smart, without the inflated egos and incessant mediocrity of the current hard rock scene. Their energy is addictive, their compositions are intriguing, and their performance is airtight. Blending elements of hard progressive rock, jazz fusion, punk and metal with a fresh and unique approach, Failsafe Nation transcend the confines of everyday hard rock. In the tradition of groups such as Tool, Soundgarden, and Rush, their songs weave complex patterns and uncommon time signatures around concise, brutal hooks and dynamic vocals. And whether the lyrics address social disintegration, addiction, or diseased relationships, they always compliment the intensity of the music behind them. The members of Failsafe Nation approach heavy music as their art form, with discipline, honesty, and persistence. They are currently playing club dates throughout New York and Philadelphia. They have a self-released five song EP entitled “An Agonizing Quiet Space”.