Failsafe Nation

Failsafe Nation


An unconfined, uncompromising power trio who embody what most alternative hard rock lacks--honesty and conviction.


Failsafe Nation is not the typical heavy alt-rock band, screaming vague, convoluted lyrics over churning, undefined guitar riffs. What they are is a group who play hard and play smart, without the inflated egos and incessant mediocrity of the current hard rock scene. Their energy is addictive, their compositions are intriguing, and their performance is airtight. Blending elements of hard progressive rock, jazz fusion, punk and metal with a fresh and unique approach, Failsafe Nation transcend the confines of everyday hard rock. In the tradition of groups such as Tool, Soundgarden, and Rush, their songs weave complex patterns and uncommon time signatures around concise, brutal hooks and dynamic vocals. And whether the lyrics address social disintegration, addiction, or diseased relationships, they always compliment the intensity of the music behind them. The members of Failsafe Nation approach heavy music as their art form, with discipline, honesty, and persistence. They are currently playing club dates throughout New York and Philadelphia. They have a self-released five song EP entitled “An Agonizing Quiet Space”.


Hall of Mirrors

Written By: Tim Coleman

I walk into the room
And choose an enemy
who best compliments me

My bitter point of view
My disbelieving soul
Keeps me high and you low

When you are grandstanding or preaching emptiness
Who the hell are you trying to impress?

Where sick ones
Heal sick ones
Few escape
(my) suspicion

here to be free
here to save me
See in you what is me
Cut down to size

Your behavior
Just like a mirror
that can’t stand to be ignored

My judgment of you
Implicates me
Ever short on integrity

No matter where I sit, reflection is the same
The more I turn away, the more I am to blame

Something flawed
not yet humbled
the truth, despite desire,
blinds him, how he stumbles

They Put Out Our Eyes

Written By: Tim Coleman

It’s crystal clear
How you pollute it
Re-shaping facts and figures
Into elegant lies

You speak the truth
Just for yourself though
Keep your chin up
to avert your eyes

You promise safety to the world but make hostility
Is yours a vision or a freak hallucination?
Do you give strength to the devoted and the hopeful?
Or just conceal that you’re the weakest one of all?

Sounds so sincere
The way you say it
It’s reassuring to be stupid
And yet so resolute

Pledge allegiance
To absolute power
And now , you know
There is no dispute

God’s name, used well, it will erase
The forgery, but not the disgrace
Of oil and blood, there is a trace
On your smug face

The criminals
Have become the Law

Confessions of a Homicidal Planet

Written By: Tim Coleman

Ten thousand evil deeds
You people are prolific
Spread like dandelions
In summer fields of waste

No more, my back is breaking
My hope for you is gone
No floods or fatal fire
No third world war to face

Is it cold enough?
Cold enough for you?

You make your own life meaningless

To me, your life, once sacred
Held you up to the sun
Instead you radiated
Hatred and dissonance

You –the abomination
I now cast you aside
Break free from peaceful orbit
Extinction is perfect sense

You make your own life meaningless

Once I was your paradise
Now I have become your Hell
You know the one
it’s freezing over


2005-"Sweet Deceit" EP (8 songs)
2003-"An Agonizing Quiet Space" EP (5 songs)
2001- Demo

"An Agonizing Quiet Space" has gotten airplay on XM Radio, Y100 100.3 FM Philadelphia and several college radio stations in the Northeast.

Set List

Our set list varies, but can run from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on time allotment. We rarely play covers. At the moment, there are no covers in our set list.