Fail To Breathe

Fail To Breathe


Hard/Modern Rock with the hard hitting riffs of Breaking Benjamin combined with the epic chorus' of Alter Bridge. Topped with slight vocal overtone of Avenged Sevenfold.


Fail To Breathe is comprised of four individuals that share the love and drive to create music that not only inspires them, but everyone that chooses to listen.
Nate Woods (Vocals), Justin Day and Chad Walker(Guitars), Trent Matthiesen (Bass) and Josh Cope (Drums) make up what everyone is starting to call "the big band from the little town" of Porterville, California.
They have a determined mindset and a humbling, grounded attitude towards shows and fans alike.
It doesn't matter where we play or how many people there are to see us or other bands we play with, we always play like its the biggest show of our lives. Regardless if there's 5 people or 5,000 people, we're going to try to win over every single person in that place with our music and passion because that's what its all about. Sharing our music on a global scale is our dream/goal and we'll do whatever it takes to attain it.
Which is why their still yet unreleased EP is tentatively titled "One Day At A Time". That's how we look at life and our music. Everyday we take one step, one show, one fan at a time. Doesn't matter what it is, that's just how we live life in general. If things are bad in life, all you can do is take it one day at a time. The same goes with our music, so we'll take every show and try to reach every fan one at a time till we've reached as many people as possible...and hopefully that will continue to grow until everyone has heard of us.
With a vast range of influences on hand, Fail To Breathe deliver a formula of "find the hook and build around it". On their upcoming EP you get everything from raunchy (as well lyrically), riff driven tunes like "First Class", to epic arena rock tracks like "Take My Hand", to acoustic ballads like "For The Rest Of My Life"...Fail To Breathe cover it all.
Coming from a small town like Porterville, California hasn't made it easy for FTB to get noticed but it has made them all that much more determined to be heard. With their riff driven verses, arena rock chorus', and groove oriented breakdowns, FTB are hoping to make a lasting impression and continue to grow in the hearts of everyone that hears them.

Set List

1) Coming Home
2) Forever The Same
3) Take My Hand
4) Believe
5) Let Go
6) My Dear
7) First Class

Sets are typically anywhere from 40-50 min.