failures art

failures art


a brooding-shoe-gazer-indie-rock band


“They took your life apart, and called your failures art. They were wrong, though. They won't know ‘til tomorrow.” These words by Elliot Smith inspired Joe Yunckes to hand pick a group of talented musicians and friends to join him in making his dream come true back in early 2006. Failures Art is a brooding-shoe-gazer-indie-rock band thats bleeds heart and passion for the music they play. Accompanying Joe is Andrew Kraemer on guitar; Chris Cacciato on drums;
Scott Lilley, vocals, wurlitzer, organ and piano, and Jason Murray on bass. The group is inspired by such artists as Sunny Day Real Estate, Spiritualized, Mogwai, Low, and Smashing Pumpkins. Our album “...and the Devil Makes 3” was recorded in July of 2006.

Representation: Chaotic Angel Productions


"There and the Days Between" (EP)
"...and the Devil Makes 3" (LP)
Copyright 2008

Songs "Someday" and "Else" are streaming on WXCI.

Set List

"When Our Skin Was Stars"
"Falling Apart"
"Why Ask What For"
"Becomes a Ghost"
"The New Deal"
"The Wrist is Sometimes a Dotted Line"
"In Blue"
Copyright 2008

Our sets are usually 1 hour long.

Our cover repertoire ranges from The Cure to Bruce Springsteen.