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"Hat City Entertainiment Article"

Joe Yunckes has returned to the local music scene after a decade-long sabbatical in San Francisco. The former bassist of the awesome 90s Danbury band, Soma 13, has reunited with old friends to form Failures Art, a short-term project that debuted this month.

Failures Art performs songs Ive written over the past few years. " Ive been blessed by the presence of Andrew Kraemer (of Litmus, Morningside, Meantime and formerly of Jade 42), Chris Cacciato (formerly of Stony Hill) and Chris Hyatt (formerly of Dismay). They are my all-star back up band," he laughed at the groups storied past.

"The songs are like an open diary, he said of his musics confessional quality. What people hear is without a doubt part of my life. There is no middle ground. Its kind of somber. Andrew refers to it as brooding indie rock, "said Yunckes.

Though he cites influences too varied to list, the bands name takes its origin from an Elliott Smith song. " They took your life apart They called your failures art They were wrong though And they wont know until tomorrow," he quoted from the song Tomorrow Tomorrow.

"The concept is about the art of failure, the art of everything you try not coming out, but still being somewhat artistic and having some worth. In the end, no matter how hard your failures drag you down, there is still an artistic value to whats left, "Yunckes explained.

Failures Art has only been practicing together for about a month, but their first show went well. Im fortunate to have a lot of good friends in Danbury who are supportive of my music, he said. Its wonderful to be around good people and incredible musicians and to be accepted and let into that fold. I havent been here in 10 years and when I came back and asked for a show, people were very kind. Im way, way, way stoked. Coming back here has been seamless, Yunckes said of the trans-coastal move. It gives me hope. - Laurel Tuohy

"Hartford Informer Write-Up"

For many avid Elliott Smith fans, the words "They took your life apart/ they called you failure's art," strike a chord with the song "Tomorrow Tomorrow." For Joe Yunckes, Failure's Art is a dream that has finally been set in motion. In early 2006, Yunckes teamed up with Andrew Kraemer (Litmus, Morningside, Meantime and formerly of Jade 4), Chris Cacciato (formerly of Stony Hill) and Chris Hyatt (formerly of Dismay) to found Failure's Art. Based out of Danbury, Conn., this band is signed to an independent record label called Sleepercell Records. Failure's Art claims influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine and Things In Herds, among several other bands and artists.

Officially started in 2006, Yunckes and his "all-star backup band" began playing shows after only a month's worth of practices. Luckily, this group, being a crew of seasoned performers, was able to play well together from the beginning. In July of 2006, the boys of Failure's Art were forced to take a short hiatus when Yunckes traded the east coast for the west and moved to Portland, Ore. After a long leave of absence, Joe was back on the east coast at eager to continue with Failure's Art.

In July of 2006, Failure's Art released a CD entitled "… And The Devil Makes Three," a ten-track album with themes that range from upbeat rock to folk rock and finally to downright sad. Like most of us, Yunckes has had to deal with the cold, harsh reality of life and chooses to express his thoughts through his band. "The concept is about the art of failure," Yunckes says on Hat City Entertainment, "the art of everything you try not coming out, but still being somewhat artistic and having some worth. In the end, no matter how hard your failures drag you down, there is still an artistic value to what's left." His understanding that life is a work in progress is evident in his music, where there is often a hidden sense of optimism.

Yunckes says that he is very grateful for his friends and the constant support they have given him throughout his past musical endeavors and his future adventures. Without their constant encouragement his projects would not be possible. Not to mention that Joe is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, which couldn't be hurting his reputation.The Failure's Art live show is not something their fans want to miss. Those of us that have been there from the beginning and throughout the band's growth will never have a bad thing to say about the live performance. Frequenting venues such as the Hat City Ale House and The Heirloom Arts Theatre (formerly The Empress Ballroom), Failure's Art has been welcomed with open arms into the Danbury community.

Although Failure's Art may not deliver the same kind of explosive energy and stage show that many people would expect from a live show, their music leaves the listeners in awe. It almost forces onlookers to take a step back and think about where their lives are, where they've been and where they're going. When a band offers that kind of insight and personality, it's hard to forget their name.

Currently, Yunckes and Kraemer are working on an acoustic EP called, "Despite My Best Efforts," which will be ready for release sometime in mid-November. If you want to check out Failure's Art, they are playing at the Heirloom Arts Theatre at 155 Main Street in Danbury with Tabula Rasa, Amnesty Underground, With Vitals and Maui in Ithaca this Sunday, Oct. 21. You can take a listen to some of the Failure's Art tracks from "… And The Devil Makes Three," on the band's Myspace. - Erica Clayton

"New Haven Advocate"

"First act Failures Art from Danbury deserve a mention, though. They played thoroughly solid rock music that sounds a bit like Dinosaur Jr. or Camper Van Beethoven in a pensive moment. Occasionally they're borderline emo, but that's forgiven on account of the creative guitar work." - David McMahon

"Danbury's Failures"

Just about this time last year, I wrote a review of the Indie band Failures Art. Since then, the band has gone through a lot of big changes and has done a lot of growing up and growing out. For those who aren't familiar with Failures Art, this is a five-piece band based out of Danbury, Conn., with a current lineup of: Joe Yunckes on guitar and vocals, Andrew Kraemer on guitar, Chris Cacciato on drums, Jason Murray on bass and Scott Lilley on keys. Failures Art was a dream for Joe Yunckes, which finally came to fruition in early 2006. Failure's Art claims influences such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine and Things In Herds, among several other bands and artists.

This past year has brought a lot of tough challenges for Failures Art, but these men don't look at a challenge and shake in their boots, they rise to the occasion. When Studio E, a Danbury-based recording studio, shut down, the band was out of a practice space. As most musicians know, the dynamics of the environment can make or break a practice space and when a band finally settles into a great one, it's hard to replace. Unfortunately, the band was forced to find a new space to replace the studio, which was located Heirloom Arts, formerly The Empress Ballroom. The next best - or only available - option was to practice in Yunckes' bedroom.

In early 2008, the band began recording again. By March, after several songs were tracked, Yunckes had to have back surgery, which virtually halted the recording process. After his recovery, Yunckes and the rest of the band decided that it was time to get down to business.

The next big event for Failures Art consisted of being picked up by Chaotic Angel Productions. With the help of Kristin Johnson at Chaotic Angel, Failures Art got back into the local music scene that they had been missing out on over the months previous. Yunckes states that he is very excited to finally be playing more shows and finishing up the EP that the band started before he had back surgery. "Now we have shirts," said Yunckes, "two different kinds. We have boy shirts and girl shirts that are done by a couple of fantastic artists; the boys' shirt is done by the guy artist, and the girls' shirt is done by a girl artist." The male and female artists are Brant Stites and Marysia Gacek, respectively. The band has also updated their MySpace with the new band information and regularly updates show information.

The latest bump in the road is one that calls for celebration. Scott Lilley, the keyboard player, has recently become a new father, and the rest of the band is absolutely ecstatic for him. Yunckes says that there is an almost endless list of people that he would like to thank for the success of Failures Art, including Jay LaPierre of Heirloom Arts in Danbury and Tony Yacobellis of Sub Rosa fame for their help.

While normally a fixture in Danbury, Failures Art is now branching out and beginning to play shows outside of the familiarity of their hometown. This weekend, the band is playing with Dredge at The Webster Theater in Hartford. Dredge is a progressive/alternative rock band based out of California, which is currently on a U.S. tour.

Tickets are $12 in advance and can be bought directly from Failures Art by emailing The show starts at 7 p.m. Make sure to check out Failures Art's music at

- Erica Clayton


"There and the Days Between" (EP)
"...and the Devil Makes 3" (LP)
Copyright 2008

Songs "Someday" and "Else" are streaming on WXCI.



“They took your life apart, and called your failures art. They were wrong, though. They won't know ‘til tomorrow.” These words by Elliot Smith inspired Joe Yunckes to hand pick a group of talented musicians and friends to join him in making his dream come true back in early 2006. Failures Art is a brooding-shoe-gazer-indie-rock band thats bleeds heart and passion for the music they play. Accompanying Joe is Andrew Kraemer on guitar; Chris Cacciato on drums;
Scott Lilley, vocals, wurlitzer, organ and piano, and Jason Murray on bass. The group is inspired by such artists as Sunny Day Real Estate, Spiritualized, Mogwai, Low, and Smashing Pumpkins. Our album “...and the Devil Makes 3” was recorded in July of 2006.

Representation: Chaotic Angel Productions