Failure To Excel

Failure To Excel

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Energetic, Melodic Heavy Rock. Tunes with stick in your head hooks and killer harmonies. A stage show that offers guitar flips, back flips, spinning sticks and ninja kicks.


An imaginative, lively style
with an exertion of force -
this is the definition of ENERGY.
This is the elucidation of

Failure To Excel, a promising, young band out of Baltimore, Maryland has been thrilling audiences with their rock sound and their energetic live show, throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia, since February of 2006. Their music, described as melodic heavy rock, will have your heart pounding, not only because of the beat and breakdowns, but because the lyrics will touch you in profound ways. Failure To Excel’s goal is to reach teens with a message of hope and faith, letting them know that there is a better way to live than the ways portrayed by the media. The band chose its name to express their feelings that you cannot excel until you give your life completely to God, the driving force behind the band.

Their debut EP, Mistakes of A Pride Driven Heart was released in the fall of 2006 and has received airplay on several Christian and secular radio stations. This exposure has given the band many amazing opportunities to share the stage with some of Christian rock’s most talented performers. Watching the conduct of these professional musicians has helped F2E realize that this is not the easiest way to earn a living, but one of sacrifice and ministry, and these men are ready to accept that challenge.

Growing pains and line up changes in 2008 has helped their sound to mature, but they have not strayed too far from their hard rock sound, and electrifying stage show. The current line up is a group of multi-talented musicians that truly love God, and one another. Their exuberance for serving the Lord is infectious, and immediately evident. Their sophomore EP Rise From The Ashes will be released in the fall of 2008 and the band is excited to see where God will lead them in the future.

Failure To Excel is moving forward with plans to tour full time after the release of their newest EP. They know there will be trials and challenges, but they are ready to accept whatever comes their way, praying that their faith can be proved genuine, and knowing that God is on their side.

“It is our biggest hope that Failure To Excel's tunes will get into your head and your heart.”

Anberlin, UnderOath. Beloved,
Four Letter Lie

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I Should Have Known

Written By: Failure To Excel

It's safe to say/The obvious is blinding/So I'll just look right through/See all your true colors/I pour it all out/Write it down on the wall/Hear me when I say/That it's all because of you/As you pick me apart/Clawing at these wounds/Spill it out on the floor/Just to ease this pain/This pain in my chest is making it harder to breathe/Sing it out/Just so I can hear/What you meant to say/With those deep blue eyes/Staring back at me/How could I have never known/This pain in my chest is making it harder to breathe/Why won't these feelings go away/Go away

Find My Way

Written By: Failure To Excel

(Verse 1)
Afraid to be alone, again
I'm calling out your name,
Come to me now,
Because I need you more,
More than ever before.

Help me find my way,
Back into your arms again,
I need some peace of mind.
The waves are quickly crashing down from overhead,
I'm doubting for the last time.

(Verse 2)
What small faith I have,
When the wind sets in,
and I begin to drown.
Stretch out your hand,
Save me again,
Oh My God.



I've done so much,
and You know. (Lord you know)
But please, take me tonight! (Repeat)



Mistakes of A Pride Driven Heart, EP
released August 2006
I Should Have Known, single heard on WSTW, WWOC, Purple Door Radio WJTL and TsR
Unfold The Page, single heard on Ohio State Radio

Close Your Eyes, single
released May 2007
heard on 98 ROCK

Rise From The Ashes, EP
Released September 2008
Find My Way, single heard on WSTW, and TsR
Kissed From A Rose, heard on WSTW, and TsR

Set List

Loving Hands
A Prayer For Healing
First In Line
Crying Out To You
Kiss From A Rose
Find My Way