South Pasadena, California, USA

Rock, doused with a refreshing splash of deep dark pop dynamics. Fain is manic, melodic, modern rock and roll.


The music world discovers Mark Fain when he fronts the band Chlorine/ (Timebomb/Arista/BMG) Headlining and touring globally with such acts as Buckcherry, Kid Rock, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper. With the release of Primer, their debut record, Chlorine airs their first video for MTV and explodes across the radio. For the next few years Mark collaborates with some of music's finest. As a singer songwriter he stretches his wings into composing for tv and film. Mark continues to write songs and quite by accident forms Fain. It is the fall of 2007, one of the darkest times in his life when he meets an incredibly talented guitarist named Daz. "He Plays such heartfelt guitar" say's Mark "He's a secret weapon!" This new band becomes an outlet which leads Mark out of darkness- taking off like a rocket! In April of 2008 he books the Key arena for the final game of the Seattle Super Sonics. Mark has to find a bass player for this particular show, so he auditions Ed Earle from Boston. Ed fits the bill with abundance and after 2 rehearsals is playing his first show with Fain. Daz and Mark feel an undeniable chemistry with this music and realize they need a drummer who shares this vision. Again fate steps in and 1 month later they are recording at Great Eastern Studios in London England. They are with their new drummer Snell who plays like its the last days on Earth.. formerly of the hailed rock band Towers of London (TVT Records) and also the drummer for Prodigy. Snell drives the songs like a freight train. Fain is now a union.
Currently, Fain is in the works on their Debut record titled The UK Sessions. Until then, they have released a 5 song CD sampler/promo disc of the London recordings for fans and industry folk . Its a taste of what's to come........Cheers!


The UK Sessions 5 song EP

Set List

Its Over
You Hate Me I Love It
Dont Ask Why
Piece of Me
Whatever You Want
Lay Down
Eyes on You
Lost and Found
Throw it All Away
Something for the Pain
Overdose on Freedom
Hold Me Back
Close Your Eyes
Abusement Park
Carry the Weight
Save Me