Fainting Goats

Fainting Goats


Alarmingly effective and affecting everyman pop-rock. The sort of thing embraced by the choir who still love what Brian Wilson once aptly dubbed "Teenage symphonies to God".


The origin of Fainting Goats can be traced back to one fateful evening in a Juneau, AK karaoke bar circa mid 2003. It is here that future band members, executing near perfect El Debarge classics were suddenly vaporized and teleported to a small garage in laid back Santa Cruz CA's east side. A gestation period began, orchestrated by towering Sophia Loren like beings on floating, stone surfboards. A series of dreams revolving around turbo charged pinto wagons, boy meets girl, and city sized sombreros in the sky introduced a catalyst. A band was born!

Extended Bio
The sunny yet treacherous terrain of California:
In 2003, Santa Cruz CA based Fainting Goats found common ground among the three distinct styles of drummer/vocalist Dave Roda , guitarist/vocalist Dave Harrah, and guitarist/vocalist Don Roland.
In the years since, from the SF Bay Area and beyond, FG has continually showcased, winning new fans with their sunny harmonies, twin guitar attack and "alt pop gems". The proof can be heard on the independently released debut 'Native Sounds of the Golden West' (2006).


Native Sounds of the Golden West (independent full length 2006)

The unofficial single 'Lemonade' has received airplay on Santa Cruz stations KUSP public radio and KZSC collage radio as well as select podcasts.

'Native Sounds of the Golden West' available on itunes, Rhapsody, CD baby and many other retailers.

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