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Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Avant-garde




""Two For The Show" Contents: Look Who's Talking Pg # 128"

"Sexy Musician Fair, one of Houston's coolest and most multi talented is capturing the hearts of of the city's creative set. Fair, 29, is a singer who cut her chops knocking around the Austin music scene before returning to H-Town."

~Houston Magazine,
February 2011 Edittion, for full article go to URL below and view*******PAGE 28********* - Houston Modern Luxury Magazine


"FAIR", My EP and first real release is scheduled to be released in June 2011. Anthony Tran is Co-Producing and I sing monthly around town to give some previews of the work that will be included on the EP.

You may find some of my work online(You tube, myspace and other..) and in local record stores

I had one radio slot in Austin during ACL in 2006 when I was working with MindShift1 for an event sponsored by Scion in which I sang.

Albums I am on: Shark Attack- Red Fish Scale and Freedom 2007
Melissa Fair- (Single)Emotions 2006



"I always had a tapping to the beat of some sort. I would here sounds in nature and in objects that took my childhood to a dreamland. As a child, I was very much aware of the powerful influence that sound could bring to the soul. My life has been a constant chase on sound, restless nights and brokeness keeps me creating new worlds within this universe of melodies. I found my place and purpose and I am here for the ride."

My voice is the director. I started realizing this is my thing when I moved to Austin and sang for a band called "The Young Heart Attack" while recording for another band-funny as it sounds, "Shark Attack". It didn't last all but a few weeks when I found myself as a front man instead of a side vocalist. I am currently in 2 bands as of right now and releasing my personal EP called "FAIR". I love to perform, but I am an artist first and anything that trips me from this order is not of my interest.

I grew up with musicians and a long family blood line of musical souls. I have sang and jammed with so many people I truly can't count the hundreds and that will NEVER change. I don't give a second thought in turning down a jam...its fun and allows for a creative ambush of noise. I have recorded on friends albums, played weird places and traveled a bit doing it for others it seemed until I did myself the favor of relying on myself.

I began creating music alone and learned it was the best thing to do in order to get rolling. I had spent so many years jammin and playing for others that I had starved myself. I figured out a way to manipulate my voice into almost any sound that I wanted and hear. I put that learning experience into poems and stories. I love dark and melodic sounds and that is what is incorporated into the music production. I absolutely love The Pixies, Mazzy Star and The Velvet Underground..they push me and I can relate to their creations.