the squarest of squares rocking circles around the indie rockers


born out of the world's strangest chef's knife sale, fairchild was formed originally under the name quickrelease by solesby and fox-holden over a love of the velvet underground and candy bars. the idea: short songs, catchy riffs, liberal electronic smatterings, and absolutely no guitar solos! quickrelease played shows in and around boston for a year or so, gaining steadfast fans and putting out one self-released disc, "fast little article." when the original drummer, noodletown rutherford, split boston to chase a delusional dream of becoming hollywood's next great screenwriter, solesby and fox-holden decided to regroup, change the name and broaden out their horizons. they first chased down a most excellent drummer: frank aveni, member of boston's the arrangement. maclaine deimer, member of bleu's band, was enticed to join with offers of twinkies and hi-fives, and thus the group the was rounded out to its current line-up.
fairchild is influenced by everything that tastes good: pastries, the beatles, star wars, new order, aphex twin, pink floyd, twix bars, sushi, and single malt scotch.
people have likened us to the cure, elvis costello, the police, early r.e.m., and any other catch all late 70's / early 80's reference you can think of. some values are shared with those bands, but the music which has made itself known in the intervening years - electronic music, hip hop, boy bands and so on - have all made some sort of indelible mark on our minds and managed to factor one way or another into how the music is created, so that fairchild is not another band seeking to reinvigorate a musical style that has had its day, but rather, we are simply fairchild


as quickrelease: "fast little article." -available at www.quickrelease.org/mp3.htm - free! airplay last year at brandeis and emmerson

Set List

8-10 songs / ~35 minutes / all original.