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"Demo Review"


"A skilled singer-songwriter from Oceanside has created an album of well-constructed, Brit-like pop songs... it's a sound that typically makes major labels buy dinners."
—David Small

(full article available at SDCityBeat.com) - SD City Beat


*Terminal EP

-CD available online at iTunes and CD Baby



I had the privilege of being exposed to great music at a young age. With my father in a rock band, there was no escaping the musical world… I too wanted to follow in his footsteps. He would tell me that music and life without passion is not music or life at all. So, with the influence of The Beatles, U2, and my parents I began my pursuit.

My musical journey began at age 15 when I picked up a guitar. My dad began teaching me his favorite songs, which later became my own. I took what little I knew about music, and began to create. I started writing music and recording songs on an old cassette player in my room. I thought it was boring to be alone in this process so I soon found fellow musicians and classmates with a similar vision. We were all 15 going on 21, but with no car keys in hand it was difficult to share our music. Things began to change late in high school as I started playing and traveling.

I finally had the opportunity to make a living through my passion. I began playing lead guitar with solo artist Phil Wickham and continued for two and a half years. We co-wrote several songs during this time, but when our musical paths and plans for the future diverged, I continued writing on my own. With the help of my dad and solo artist Danny Donnelly I began to hone my craft as a guitarist, singer and songwriter. As these new songs leaked out to the public, I became more and more encouraged from the response.

People began to support the idea of Fairchild with increasing momentum. That support has given the band one simple idea… to live passionately through music. Whether it’s a sense of love or a shelter from hardship, there are songs that tend to cover you. I truly hope these are those songs.

Previous Gigs:
-The Roxy (West Hollywood, CA)
-King King (Los Angeles, CA)
-The Jumping Turtle (San Marcos, CA)
-Lestat's (San Diego, CA)
-Thomas and Mack Arena (Las Vegas, NV)
-Epicentre (San Diego, CA)
-Cane's Bar and Grill (Mission Beach, CA)
-The Rocks Club (St. Petersburg, Russia)
-The Stone (Chula Vista, CA)
-Plush Cafe (Fullerton, CA)
-Gypsy Lounge (Lake Forest, CA)
-Underground Cafe (Roseville, CA)
-E Street Cafe (Encinitas, CA)

radiohead. U2. sigur ros. jeff buckley. aqualung. travis. magnet. doves. coldplay. ryan adams. daniel lanoise.