Faire du Surf

Faire du Surf

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Faire du Surf fits the grade of retro-cool sound that beckons toward sand and surf but also conjures up hilltop cottages and mountain lakes or any mop-topped house party for that matter. Griffin wears his Brian Wilson affinity on his sleeve, dreaming up full compositions laid with soft intricacies.


Started as a solo project, Faire du Surf began in December 2009 and continued to grow over the next year, becoming the band it is today. After their song “Lit Up” became the #1 Most Downloaded Song on PureVolume.com with over 45,000 downloads in August, 2010, the band released their first EP “Turn to Dust” on Sept 28, 2010. Having recently been described as the “forefront of the surf revival scene”, Faire du Surf is currently busy playing shows all over the Northwest and working on recording new material.


Turn to Dust - EP (2010)
1. Lit Up
2. The Icelandic Twins
3. Drop
4. Lakeshore Bell
5. Turn to Dust

Hannah - Single (2011)
In the Woods - Single (2011)
Going West - Single (2011)

We have been played regularly on radio stations in areas such as, but not limited to, Washington, Oregon, California, and the United Kingdom.

All our tracks are featured on http://www.fairedusurf.bandcamp.com/

Set List

Set List Example:
1. Drop (with Extended Intro)
2. Made in China
3. Call it Good, Call it Home
4. Turn to Dust -> Lit Up
5. In the Woods
6. Going West
7. Ostrich
8. Tenterhooks
9. Wicked & I Want You (Acoustic)
10. Hannah
11. The Icelandic Twins
12. The World Outside (with Extended Jam Ending)

(We have roughly 20 performance-ready songs that are constantly interchangeable)