Fair Enough
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Fair Enough

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Band Rock Soul


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Still working on that hot first release.



The story on how we met:
Mason, Chris, and Nick were enrolled the SORM (School of Rock Music) in Sandy Utah in the Grunge Show. We didn't really talk at all but Mason overheard Nick and Chris talking about Lounge Act (Nirvana) and Mason just started playing it. The three of them practiced it until they had it "down." They played it at the grunge show and became friends after that. Mason was later introduced to Garret Ruckert, and they had formed a band.

The story behind our music style and performance:
Nick Petty... Some would say he is a clone of Melodrmus' lead singer, Zakkary Hale Newsom. He has been a good friend to him and Nick has looked up to him for a long time.
Chris Petty has his own creative style. He is a beast drummer and has explosive technique. He looks for new styles of music and is open to about any kind of music. He continues to progress and loves what he does.
Garret (Fatty) Ruckert is a great rhythm guitarist and an insane vocalist, (Refer to Rush-Freewill. Damn!) He got his nickname from The Petty brothers' clever sense of humor. They call him extremely large because he is far from that. Main influence would definitely be Led Zeppelin's famed lead guitarist, Jimmy Page.
Mason Nagy... what can I say. The rest of the band was shocked on his "groove", "tastiness" and "great style" for his age. They hadn't thought twice about not letting him join their band. Mason started the bass at 12 years mostly because the music is in his blood. His great grandpa, and his father both played the bass guitar. Mason has played in many other bands including one with his family. His main influences are his dad, Nick Farr, and Trevor Alder.

The story on how we got our band name:
Chris and Nick Petty have created many many "catch phrases" during their time in Sandy School of Rock. A few of the most common heard ones were: "Bob Dole, Fatty, and Toast." But the one they said most was "Fair enough." Mason had decided to make fun of them and suggest that be the name of their band. They didn't think it was too bad of an idea and it stuck. Some previous band name ideas were, Toast, The Bob Dole Experience/Project, Funk Me Tender, Funk Factor Four, and Faith Plus One (We know it is already a band). What were we thinking?