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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative





"Fairfax create well-written songs which are delivered with passion
and sincerity. This is clearly a group worth keeping a close eye on."
- Gene Foley- Foley Entertainment

"Fairfax Review"

“Fairfax’s newest offering, ‘Battle’ comes through to the listener as
would a bolt of lightning to the tallest man on the golf course
during a summer rainstorm.  Heavynn’s vocals share equal parts
sensuality and ferocity while the guitar playing of Blake English
builds like a rolling thundercloud.  Fast-paced alternative rock
with soul.” - Brian Ball- Music Editor- Womens Radio


"I was introduced to Fairfax via my Indie radio show! Fairfax is one
of those bands that when you hear their songs they get stuck in
your head! The melodies along with the lyrics wrapped around
their music is a glorious sensation to my cerebellum! Can't wait
to see what they do in 2011!" - EROCK- Revolver Underground


Fairfax-Fairfax EP 2010
Fairfax-Collision LP 2011

Hawaii Five-O CBS
Beverly Hills 90210 CBS

Currently playing on 120 Stations Nationwide
Debuting at #112 on The CMJ Top 200 Chart
KBBI - Homer, Alaska
KEUL - Girdwood, AK
Aggie Radio - Logan, UT
Bulls Radio - Tampa, FL
CFRE - Hamilton, ON
CHMR - St. Johns, NF
CILU - Thunder Bay, ON
CJSR - Edmonton, AB
CSCR - Scarborough, ON
KAMP - Tucson, AZ
KANM - College Station, TX
KAOS - Olympia, WA
KCSC - Chico, CA
KCSS - Turlock, CA
KDHX - St. Louis, MO
KDWG- Dillon, MT
KEOL - La Grande, OR
KFAI - Minneapolis, MN
KGAR - Lemoore, CA
KHSU - Arcata, CA
KKSM - San Marcos, CA
KMNR - Rolla, MO
KMUD - Redway, CA
KOPN - Columbia, MO
KOTO - Telluride, CO
KPUR - Forest Grove, OR
KQAL - Winona, MN
KRCX - Denver, CO
KRNL - Mt. Vernon, IA
KRNU - Lincoln, NE
KRSC - Claremore, OK
KRUA - Anchorage, AK
KSCL Shreveport, LA
KSJS - San Jose, CA
KSLU - Hammond, LA
KSYM - San Antonio, TX
KTCV - Kennewick, WA
KTRM - Kirksville, MO
KTSW - San Marcos, TX
KURA - Ouray, CO
KURE - Ames, IA
KUWS - Superior, WI
KWCR - Ogden, UT
KWCW - Walla Walla, WA
KWLC - Decorah ,IA
KWVA - Eugene, OR
KXSC - Los Angeles, CA
KXZY - Stillwater, OK
KZMU - Moab, UT
NVWR - Reno, NV
WASU - Boone, NC
WBOR - Brunswick, ME
WBSD - Burlington, WI
WBWC - Berea, OH
WCNI - New London, CT
WCVF - Fredonia, NY
WCWM - Williamsburg, VA
WDWN - Auburn, NY
WECI - Richmond, IN
WECS - Willimantic, CT
WERS - Boston ,MA
WERU - East Orland, ME
WGSU - Geneseo, NY
WGTB - Washington, DC
WHFR - Dearborn, MI
WHPK - Chicago, IL
WHRW - Binghamton, NY
WHUS - Storrs, CT
WHWS - Geneva, NY
WICB - Ithaca, NY
WIDB - Carbondale, IL
WIDR - Kalamazoo, MI
WIIT - Chicago, IL
WITR - Rochester, NY
WJCU - University Heights, OH
WKDU - Philapelphia, PA
WKKL - West Barnstable, MA
WKWZ - Syosset, NY
WLFM - Appleton, WI
WLUR - Lexington, VA
WLVR - Bethlehem PA
WMCO - New Concord, OH
WMEB - Orono, ME
WMHB - Waterville, ME
WMPG - Portland, ME
WMUH - Allentown, PA
WMUR - Milwaukee, WI
WMVL - Purchase, NY
WNIA - Rocky Mount, NC
WNSU - Fort Lauderdale, FL
WNYO - Oswego, NY
WOJB - Hayward, WI
WORT - Madison, WI
WOUB - Athens, OH
WPNR - Utica, NY
WPTS - Pittsburgh, PA
WQFS - Greensboro, NC
WRDP - Chicago, IL
WRKC - Barre, PA
WRNC - Ashland, WI
WRPI -Troy, NY
WRSE - Elmhurst, IL
WRUR - Rochester, NY
WRUV - Burlington, VT
WRVU - Nashville, TN
WSBF - Clemson, SC
WSBU - St.Bonaventure, NY
WSIA - Staten Island, NY
WSWI - Evansville, IN
WTCC - Springeld, MA
WUNH- Durham, NH
WUPX- Marquette, MI



After being a songwriting duo for many years, writing and performing for major artist such as, Brandy, No Doubt, and Jennifer Lopez became unfulfilling for Blake and Heavynn. The chemistry between the two sparked the creation of their own project, and in 2008, Fairfax was born. Less than a year later the band released their debut, "Fairfax", a 6 song EP that would define their sound and cement them as a headliner in the L.A rock scene. Following the release of their EP, Fairfax went back into the studio to record their current full-length album, "Collision". Fairfax is currently supporting the album with a string of 2012 shows.

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