Fair Fjola

Fair Fjola

 Warsaw, Indiana, USA

Argentine American family & friend band make folky rock music with beautiful harmonies. Debut album produced by Brian Deck and mastered by Graig Calbi.


From nowhere U.S.A. comes a band of four Argentine-American half- breeds, combined with the talents of two fine gentlemen (and the guidance of producer Brian Deck). Fair Fjola achieves a unique grass roots sound. Based out of Northern Indiana, Fair Fjola creates a unique blend of vintage Americana flavored heavily with indie-pop sensibilities and classic rock swagger. Truly nostalgic and entirely Midwestern, Fair Fjola has a sound all their own created from an intricate and varied use of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, synths, harmonica, ukulele, bass and drums. Lead by front man Sebastian Coria (rhythm guitar) and accompanied by sisters Eileen (piano) and Veronica (ukulele/synth), Fair Fjola’s harmonies achieve a sound best described as incendiary. Drummer Sam Gillis, along with Lead guitarist Tyler Reinholt and bass player Samuel Coria, work together to provide the listener with original melodic bliss.


NO ONE GETS ANY - 2011(Pandora Radio, Spotify, itunes)

Set List

Orginal Music Sets 30mins-2hrs