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"Fairline Preview"

Once upon a time, there was a band called Ivory. They were godly musicians that I adored. They have since disbanded. They remained off the radar for some time, but now one member is back and he has formed Fairline. Today, there are the song of the day because their new song “Run to the Sea” has been on repeat since I have been in my room. There are not that many songs in the world that have this kind of power over me. They have also relocated to Seattle from Chicago, which is good news for us because now we get to be in the presence of this amazing new band. They played a show with my friends The Scene Aesthetic this past Friday at the Kirkland Teen Union Building, which I heard was a successful turnout. You can also catch them again at El Corazon this Sunday at 7 PM for tickets at $10.
Fairline believes in the concept of “Free is Fair.” This means that every day for the next six days, they will be releasing a new song free to download, but if you wish to pay for it YOU get to name your price.

Dear Fairline – I hope you are the answer that we have been searching for to bring us back the Seattle music scene. I see the potential in you and I see the hope that can revive what we have once lost.

To hear their music visit their Myspace here!

PS Nathanial is a dreamboat.
http://itsyowyow.com/2010/03/09/song-of-the-day-fairline-preview/ - itsyowyow.com

"Thank You Music God's For Fairline"

When Ivory broke up in the latter half of this past decade, I found myself without words. This band had the same kind of charisma that Copeland wore to prominence. Nathaiel Sworowski had the star quality that seemed certain to find the bame bound for stardom. But true to the very ephemeral nature of the music business, the band collapsed amid various personal catastrophies and dilemmas. Swokowski relocated to NY, tried his hand at hip-hop, moved to Arizona, and finally has settled in Seattle with his new band Fairline. Though he now creates music under the name Nathaniel Moon, there's still that star quality and panache that made Ivory such a gravitating presence. Though they only have one song up for release at present, it just may be one of the best songs released this year. Sure it''s a bit kistchy in places, but hot damn is that chorus not a breath of fresh air. If this is the jumping off point, this could be the greatest thing in music since Acceptance. Yeah, I just said that. I'm expecting big things. I sure as hell hope they don't disappoint me. All you Pacific Northwest peeps better take advantage. This band could be on its way to something truly special.

- Absolutepunk.net


Free is Fair Demos
TBA Spring 2010 EP
TBA Summer 2010 EP
TBA Fall 2010 EP



On a trip to Chicago a few years ago, Nathaniel met a producer/writer he clicked with named Chuck Gladfelter. While in NYC and Arizona Nathaniel would write and send ideas to Chuck in the hopes they would one day work together. At 22, Nathaniel moved to Chicago and started recording with Chuck. After completing the recording, it was time to assemble a band. After several trips across the country and two relocations, the lineup was assembled in Seattle, Washington to bring the songs to life outside the studio. Fairline is believes in empowering the listener's voice through value for value. Free is Fair is the vessel they have created to put their art in the ears of the listener, and let them decide wether to accept the download for free, or donate to Fairline.