Here's what the critics have said: Independent Clauses "Fairmont will always be light-years ahead of the average indie band" - Stephen Carradini The Portland Pheonix - "The only good thing to come out of New Jersey (other than Bruce Springsteen), is Fairmont" - Amy Martin


Fairmont has had a busy year, playing shows to enthusiastic fans all over the Northeast. The band's momentum continues with the release of their CD, Hell Is Other People, released on February 15th 2005. Fairmont’s initial tour hit everywhere on the east coast from Washington DC up to Lewiston,Maine and the band isalways constantly playing the northeast and beyond.

New Jersey-based Fairmont are no strangers to the road. The band has toured the U.S. three times, sharing the bill with artists such as Nada Surf, Ted Leo and Val Emmich. The group also played with The Strokes and Thursday under the name Pencey Prep, as well as performed to 4,000 people at NJ's Surf & Skate Fest.

Fairmont was born from Eyeball Records' band Pencey Prep, whose label boasts alumni including fellow New Jersey rockers, Thursday. After disbanding, one member from Pencey Prep went on to join Reprise/Warner recording artist My Chemical Romance.

With biting lyrics and engaging melodies, Fairmont's sound can be described as dark pop, blending elements of groups like Pavement, the Pixies, the Shins and the Replacements.

Hell Is Other People, Fairmont's third full-length CD is thought provoking and evocative, a concept album loosely based on Jean Paul Sartre's play, No Exit. Man's cruelty toward one another, and the inability to escape this human tendency, is a central theme of both the album and the play. The listener embarks on a journey in which the narrator battles a person he loves ("Your Fan From Far Away") and a person he hates ("The Monster You've Become"), as well as his own self-loathing and disappointment ("Don't Give Up The Ship"). By album's end, the narrator is still incapable of escaping his own hell, much like the characters in Sartre's play.

Released jointly by Reinforcement and Renfield Records, Hell Is Other People will be available for purchase via the internet through Interpunk.com and Smartpunk.com and at retail stores including Bull Moose Music and Newbury Comics.

For more information about Fairmont, please visit their website at www.fairmontmusic.com.


Your Pictures on My Dartboard

Written By: Neil Sabatino

I'm through playing games with you.
I'm putting all blame back on you.
Why'd you even ask if you don't really give a damn. Is it cause your keeping score inside your head.
You haven't changed at all, your still doing the things you do and its all my fault because I let you.
I let you do the things you do.
So if your ears start to ring, don't wonder who's been saying nasty things.

20/20 (Hindsight is...)

Written By: Neil Sabatino

Best friends or enemies,
makes no difference to me.
I've walked the line so many times, I crossed the line from both sides.
And we'll see if I can erase the memory of the things you said to me. Forgive and forget, place all regrets on me. No need for apologies, hindsight is 20/20.

The Monster You've become.

Written By: Neil Sabatino

I hope you have no regrets.
Do you still smoke cigarettes?
I hope the cancer is eating you alive.
I've had enough of you,
I've had enough of
the monster you've become is the monster I used to be and lessons are learned hard when the entire time your kicking and screaming. I heard all about your good news but i didn't hear it from you.
The guy I've become, he's a sorry one, the guy you used to know would have punched you in the face.


Hell is Other People LP - 2005 Renfield/Reinforcement
Anomie LP - 2003 Reinforcement
Pretending Greatness is Awaiting LP - 2001 Reinforcment
3 way Split EP - 7 songs Reinforcement
The Hand That Holds the Knife EP - Reinforcement
Le Mal EP - Self Released

Set List

Fairmont Usually plays 4 songs from their current album Hell Is Other People including the single "The Monster You've Become" as well as a few classics from their previous album "Anomie" and as always Fairmont always has new music to play for their fans.

Current Set:
Happiness is a million miles away
Sometimes I'm Bitter
The Monster You've Become
Your Fan From Far Away
To My Wife
This Happens Every Time
Waiting For You
Don't Give Up The Ship
Lack of Luster