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The best kept secret in music


"The Halifax Report (Nov. 2003)"

The final feature of this month's journey is a special spotlight and feature on the FairOne. The FairOne is a true head if I have ever encountered one...a cat who is a producer, an MC, a wicked graffiti artist, and a mad knowledgeable head. Originating from Toronto area the FairOne has paid his dues and has traveled from one coast of this glorious country to the other...he's a true Canadian Hip Hop Hobo. FairOne started off as a graff writer but has now diversified his pursuits and interests. He has associated and collaborated with a number of Canadian hip hop artists such as High 5, Mobius, Cix-AM, & Baby Harry Calaway. He has invested enough time in jumping freight trains, bombing the impossible wall and crashing out at the kribs of hospitable graff writer's that he didn't know before. Through his travels this cat has met the good, the bad and the ugly in the Canadian Hip Hop scene...but he stays humble by not bringing any names into play. The FairOne has been residing in Halifax for the past year but is now making moves back to the Toronto area in order to prepare for his next album drop, entitled Graffiti Memoirs. This is definitely an individual in the Canadian scene that everyone should know something about...he's been around the block and back again! For more information on the FairOne be sure to drop in and check out his new website (www.faironemusic.com).

by The Jade Emperor - The Cyber Crib

"Street 12" Review"

Being a Canadian rapper is a double-edged sword. On the plus side, competition is thin. Conversely, your chances of getting props in America are slim to none. A graf artist-turned-MC/producer, Fair One definitely has some talent, but still needs a lot of work. ""Street"" comes correct with thick beats and decent rhymes, but ""Do You Know"" spoils the show with weak R&B singing, awkward flows, and too-loud drums. - XLR8R Magazine

"Street 12" Review #2"

Bringing yet more of that West Coast (Van City, Vancouver) underground Hip Hop, comes an emcee by the name of Fair One, and his latest 12 inch single, "Street" feat. E. Spliff b/w "Do You Know" feat. No BS Allowed, High588 and Naheeda, and this is definitely some ill shit! I can definitely see this single being a MUST HAVE for any DJs crate, as well as something hot to get the crowd moving in the club.

Opening with the aforementioned title track, Fair One and E. Spliff trade off some ill verses over a nice underground inspired "boom bap" backdrop (nice guitar by the way), and damn those snares kick HARD. On a lyrical level the two individual emcee's styles really compliment one another, and make the track not only enjoyable but easily one of the best underground cuts I've ever heard. Also included for thos mix and blend tapers out there are the cut's instrumental, and acapella tracks.

On the flip side we have "Do You Know", which features No BS, High588 and an ill "sing song" hook by Naheeba. This track is another fine addition to Fair One's discography with it's lyrical flows, which is a three way cipher for sure, and it's dope instrumental work, which reminds me a lot of the sound that Canada's West Coast is known for (Think Rascalz' DJ Kemo's production work). I was definitely feeling this track from start to finish, and as with the title cut the instrumental, and acapella tracks are also included.

If you're a DJ (or just a Hip Hop collector) and you don't have this LP in your crate, then I'd definitely suggest that you get out there, and get yourself a copy before this shit goes out of print, and you end up shelling out top dollar for it at a vinyl convention, or a mom and pop shop. Definitely a worthwhile addition to your collection.
- www.mumbleshiphop.com

"Situation 12" Review"

Graf writing has always been an important element of Hip Hop. As any Hip Hop head will attest when seeing a freshly painted piece with it's brilliant colours, and overall textural design, it's easily one of the MOST important. This brings us to graf writer turned emcee Fair One and his debut wax, "The Situation" feat. No BS Allowed b/w the graf track "Writer' Bench" feat. Cix-AM and Mic One on the cuts.

Opening this wax is the documentary-style rhymes of "The Situation", which lyrically takes you a journey of Van City's notorious Carnegie Square, which is seen by many as the worst ghetto in Canada. Backing the lyrical onslaught of Fair One and No BS Allowed is a dark track which auguments the lyrics' urgent nature, as well as shows Fair One to be a talent behind the boards as well. An ill cut overall, and it just gets better from here...
A nice remix of the title track comes next, which is almost as ill as the original for all those heads out there who love "tha remix". This is definitely HOT!

Next up we have the graf track "Writer's Bench" with it's old school vibes, and emphasis on paying homage to the graf writing scene, which is sadly lacking in today's Hip Hop scene. The lyrical flows of Fair One and Cix-AM (as well as the cuts by Mic One) blend effortlessly over the old school beat, and show Fair One to be one if the brightest talents in Canadian Hip Hop and a brother in desperate need of some kind of deal (so record companies, wake the hell up!)

As a whole this is solid Hip Hop, and has me fiending for a full length release by this talented brother. For all those heads out there who like me fiend for that reall Hip Hop, this is definitely a worthwhile piece of wax that deserves a place in your collection.
- www.mumbleshiphop.com

"Street 12" Review #3"

This release is an editor's pick on Smother.Net - Review - How often do hip-hop artists base their melody on a strummed guitar? Underground or mainstream, the guitar is usually vacant from the mix. Fair One, originally an accomplished graffiti writer, sheds that assumption relying on an acoustic guitar on their vinyl 12" single "Street", which features E. Spliff. On the flip is "Do U Know", a three-way battle featuring the MC's known as High588, No Bs Allowed, and Naheeda. What's most amazing is the production with beats that are heavy-handed but don't attempt to destroy the speakers with huge bass. If artists like Common and Mos Def are your favs, than you'll have no problem fitting in Fair One right alongside their genius. There's also an instrumental and acapella version for both cuts for your scratching and mixing skills. Perfect.
- www.smother.net


Mumbles Hip Hop Presents: Strictly Underground
Street Date: October 2005
Credits: P. Wong (SOCAN)
Format: CD
Mumbles Hip Hop Records Cat. No. MHH001

Street / Do U Know 12" Single
Street Date: February 2005
Credits: P. Wong (SOCAN)
Format: 12" Vinyl
Medici State Press Cat. No. MS-2004-02

The Situation b/w Writer's Bench 12"
Date Released: June 2004
Credits: P. Wong (SOCAN), C. Ripenburg (SOCAN)
Format: 12" Vinyl
Medici State Press Cat. No. MS-2004-01


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fair One is a graffiti writer name. It simple doesn't mean 'fair' literally, but only a four-letter hip hop name without meaning. People used to battle over the use of names and afterwards, the winner would add a suffix such as one to identify themselves as the only one - the original. The loser of such a competition would either change there name entirely or add something unique to maintain their status as a writer.

Fair began in the Hip Hop culture through the gaze of graffiti, although not writing frequently anymore, he still remains true to its core value system as it's applied universally to all Hip Hop elements.

At the tender age of 15, he began to produce instrumentals and tracking songs when not hitting the Winnipeg streets with his various graffiti crews (EPD/DNA/DBS/SLC). Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Fair spent most of his life in Winnipeg before moving in the last years to Vancouver and Halifax.

During his travels, Fair has had a opportunity to collaborate with underground hip hop artists from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, and Halifax. This national diversity can be heard in Fair's music.

A regional sound can resonate throughout several acts and tend to be pigeon-holed as a certain style, the Fair One sound - is as unique as his ancestry. Part Thai, Loas, and Chinese, Fair doesn't subscribe to any one ethnicity, but is simply the other - in Hip Hop and otherwise.