Fair Trade

Fair Trade


Our music is like a virus that infects everybody. No matter what, you can't stop from making your body groove to our original sound. But don't get me wrong, this isn't just a dance band, this intellectually talented band touches all ages and all emotions. Fair Trade is the real deal.


Hidden somewhere between the standard classifications of Rock, Pop, Jazz and Blues lies the idealistic sound of Fair Trade. The emotionally charged band has snuck in through the backdoor and taken the Sacramento music scene by surprise. The group’s tide pool of talent naturally and continuously rejuvenates their original sound and connects them to their audience. Fair Trade is fronted by the captivating presence of Chad Wagoner. He is an engaging singer, both by the honesty in his lyrics and his enticing stage presence. Equally talented on the guitar, Chad always places his emotions on display. His lyrics portray a whirlwind of life experiences, indulging in his dreams and aspirations. The surreal element that enriches those stories is Quinn Hedges. The unstoppable lead guitarist weaves in the subtleties and arrangements that breathe a fresh sound into each song. He doesn’t just play the guitar, he makes it sing! Leeland Turner lays on the low end with his intricate bass lines. Whether running scales, popping highs, or a long lasting sustain, he can hear and speak the universal language of music. The backbone and foundation for the band is John Yessen on the drums. Yessen precisely sticks every beat straight into the hearts of those in the crowd. With careful attacks his original beats leave long lasting impressions. Over the past few months, Fair Trade has been playing around Sacramento religiously. Hitting the well known venues such as: Old Ironsides, The Powerhouse, G St Pub and many more. When the band is not playing a show, they are in the studio or practicing. They have committed themselves to their music and their fans.

Fair Trade has been together for 5 years. In 2004 they won Sacramento's "Battle of the Bands" contest held at the Powerhouse Pub in Folsom, CA. After winning the contest Fair Trade went on to open for Melissa Etherage, Live, and Train.

Set List

Precious Clothes
Her Favorite
If the Lights on
Accapella Groove
Like That
So Alike
If We Rock
Hey Mister
Started Out
Stay Stylin
Gimme The Ball
Gone People
Stone Cold
Back You up