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"If you like Freddie Mercury - you want to go see Fait Dormi. Damn, she's good."
- Tom Glenne, musician/writer/producer

"She's like a more aggressive, more intense Tori Amos"
- James Kasper, singer/songwriter

"Unbridled passion!"
-Peter Linseman, Music Mentor Productions

"Next up was Fait Dormi - I think she blew my fucking mind. That woman has the most beautiful and powerful voice I've heard, no joke, and her piano playing is fantasmic. Also, she's hilarious. Dude you should have seen how she handled that heckler... pure gold."
- Molly Gruesome, Notorious V.A.G.

“Fait Dormi's strong stage presence and rich vocals recall a history of women at the keyboard, bringing to mind a reference list from Diamanta Galas to Tori Amos. Fait Dormi's performances combine uncertain poise and disconcerting directness with rock-solid vocals and sharp keyboard skills. This is one to watch.” – Alex Leitch

"Fait Dormi is more than dynamic. She exudes brilliance on stage. Her sets are full theatrical performances, oozing with passion. Her voice powerful, her performance quirky and confident. She has it all!" – Andrea Ramolo, singer/songwriter - -


Lobsterlieder (2008 - post-production)



An award-winning vocalist, a classical pianist from childhood, a self-taught guitarist, a composer, an arranger, a lyricist, an angel, a demon, a dreamer, a screamer, an old soul, a restless spirit - Fait Dormi is many faces and voices pulled into one enigmatic musical force. With a unique blend of soul, jazz, cabaret, and art-rock audiences are engaged by a sense raw passion and intensity rarely seen in today's musical circles. Staying true to her classical roots, Dormi continues to write and perform in French, English, Italian, and German.

Joining Dormi is the beautiful and voluptious Jolie Accomplice on vocals and in gusto. Jolie's honey-sweet vocals possess a rare naked and unpretentious quality that juxtaposes her sensual demeaner divinely. These past-life long best friends share a contagious connection that drives the show's dramatic quality and intrigue. Are they lovers? Sisters? Or is Jolie simply an invention of Fait's dreaming? You be the judge.

Presently, Dormi is busy with the post-production of her first album, "Lobsterlieder", which features 10 life-inspired stories of a fragile heart's collision with a cold world. Yet just as the lobster stips away its armor and hides from the world in the spirit of growth and renewal, so does a benevolent spirit. The album production is simple and intimate, recorded almost entirely live off the floor by Dormi who accompanies herself on piano and guitar. In it's entirety, "Lobsterleider" is a conceptual body representing a flicker of hope when faith has died.

In a time when true passion and human connection are very hard to come by, Fait Dormi is an act not to be missed. Her's is a look that's knowing, a smile with a story, a voice that echoes decades.